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Women becoming more beautiful.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Except for Paul (who doesn't believe in evolution :p )

    this sounds promising for the future...

    Beauty in Genes

    WOMEN are gradually becoming more attractive in an evolutionary "beauty race", according to scientific research.

    Beautiful women have more children than their plainer counterparts and a higher proportion of those children are girls, a study claims.

    These daughters, once adult, also tend to be attractive and so the pattern continues.

    Men, meanwhile, remain as aesthetically unappealing as their caveman ancestors.
    ed: you can't improve on perfection :LOL:

    Examples of celebrity mothers with equally beautiful daughters who are models include Jerry Hall and her two daughters Elizabeth and Georgia Jagger, and Yasmin Le Bon and daughter Amber, who recently modelled swimwear.

    more here...
  2. Hmmm…. There are so many counterarguments to this premise that it is not funny…
    For example.
    Beautiful women are more likely to attract affluent husbands. And higher socioeconomic groups tend to have less children, therefore in fact the ugly ones have more children and evolution is working backward when it comes to the beauty stakes…
    Trying to use basic statistics on a single generation to identify trends at an evolutionary scale is Poor science.
  3. So true......the ferals breed like rabbits.
  4. Exhibit A.

  5. Looks like she is preggers in that dress!
  6. ...looks like a drag queen to me!!..... :shock:
  7. These researchers haven't walked around
    frankston or Dandenong where the toothless mothers of 7 abound, all with different fathers, infesting the local maccas.
  8. Well, the university of helinski probably just dropped off the list of credible institutions.

    Of course, the article no doubt grossly misrepresented what the study was about.

    And the author sounds like a bit of a gender troll.
  9. Actually - do they have ugly in Finland? :LOL:
  10. (you forgot Moe).....
  11. And the other two Stooges as well... :p
  12. Speaking from 5 years experience at adelaide uni, and dj'ing formals/18ths, I can tell you for damn sure adelaides getting younger, tighter, firmer, riper, and earlier at a amazing rate.

    Or maybe i'm just getting dirtier, older, more appreciative. Hahaha
  13. I'm just worried about the Rangas to be honest. Whatever will they do?

  14. How does that explain those wrongly attractive Thai men?
  15. She-men???????

    Men want to be beautiful so they tap into their feminine side - quite literally I guess :wink:
  16. I read the title and thought "no your just less fussy as you get older", then I read the thread and realised while that is true it isnt actually applicable here :)
  17. i could say the same thing, working at a nightclub for the past 3 years. still, considering the timeframe, i'm gonna go with explanation B :p
  18. i recon women are getting more skankier and putting on more make up.

    personally though i recon they were prettier more graceful and elegant back in the day. this is coming from a 22 year old.
  19. Ive always had a thing for the chicks in pride and prejudice.

    But then I come to my senses after I realise there was no running water and no shaving.

    Still theres always victorian role play......
  20. This person has obviously Not seen Mrs magillicatti :p
    ( Hey Hey It's Saturday )