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Women are evolving...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Women evolving to be shorter, chubbier
    By Bronwyn Herbert for AM

    The new, more compact Australian girl will have a healthier heart and a better chance of having babies.

    Audio: Female evolution: short and fat, but with healthier hearts (AM) Despite all their best efforts to diet and exercise, future Australian women will end up shorter and chubbier.

    That's the finding from evolutionary biologists at Yale University and their 60-year study spanning three generations.

    But women can take some comfort. The new, more compact Australian girl will have a healthier heart and a better chance of having babies.

    Professor Stephen Stearns and his evolutionary biology team at Yale University tracked data from more than 14,000 people, beginning in 1948. They have now published their results on the changing physique of women.

    "Essentially we're saying they are going to be in slightly better cardiovascular health," he said.

    "They'll have slightly greater reproductive options because they can begin earlier and they don't have to stop until a bit later in life. They will be slightly shorter and chubbier.

    More at http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/10/22/2721013.htm
  2. So much like the Veyron being the evolutionary peak of performance cars Elle McPherson will for ever more be “The Body” for evolution will move away from that degree of perfection.
    Oh well at least we were here to see the peak.
  3. So that explains the rise in fat chicks I keep seeing in town...
  4. Well I dont think evolving is the right term. Theyre using that colloquially.

    Shorter? Chubbier? Better heart? How can they claim that? Humans have seen an enormous change in their health over the past 100 years and even just a few decades.
  5. its been put down to evolution because saying people are living unhealthily and reaping the rewards of years of bad diet is not politically correct
  6. I have been watching women for 60 years, or perving at them, Get in first with you lot.
    To my knowledge, they have actually got a lot taller, Same as the males.
    Fatter as well, You put it in your face, You get fat, Chubbier is before you get fat,
    No exercise and sitting in front of a computer or Tee Vee,
    We didnt have many fat kids around because we were allways out side doing things,
    We had a radio, Not portable, Books or out side playing, so we got exercise by the bucket full,
  7. About the only thing you could concievably pin on evolution is the height, everything else points more to sedentary lifestyle and improvements in medical science.

    And am I the only one who finds it weird to see "television" abbreviated to "Tee Vee?"
  8. they also seem to be turning orange ....i see so many young ones nowadays with bleached bond hair and an orangish skin tone...i don't really go for the orange look myself, but apparantly it's the in thing.
  9. haha Brian, when i was a lad we did'nt have fat kids
  10. Fatter and healthier heart?


    Does anyone remember from a while back when some nutjob in the UK with a PhD said the human species is going to evolve into two sub-species, a tall athletic intelligent sub-specie and a short fat less-intelligent sub-specie?

    Let's start with the things we do know. Men are going to lose their hair. All of it. And they're going to end up with larger d!cks, because let's face it, they are exercising them alot. Admittedly, I may be importing some personal experience into this opinion. On the issue of hair, of course.

    Women in the mean time will be able to spot a "50% off" sign from the distance of 20 km, and will be able to multi-task their mobile phone, credit card, 4 tonne SUV, make-up, and two ill-behaved toddlers in the back in order to purchase the desired item before they even pass the shop.
  11. Oompa, Loompa, Dompady doo................
  12. I don't think that's how it works, but by all means post a link to your published findings in a peer-reviewed scientific journal...
  13. Rubbish, radios were totally portable in the 60's and 70's and I spent much more time in my room listening to music or reading a book than I ever spent outside. My mates were much the same, we'd go to someone's place and talk or listen to music. I think you are overstating the differences between then and now.

    Or did you miss the 60's/70's music phenomenom? :)

    I had one which I got in the very early 70's (they were sold all over the world and kids everywhere got them as christmas and birthday presents, they were the iPod of their day).

    Similar radio's were sold from the start of the 60's (my older cousins had them, they had less transistors but better quality casings). This sort of radio is typical.

  14. my ex wife evolved along these lines in the years after our wedding....

    but seriously, it's not evolution, it's lifestyle. Evolution happens because a particular trait improves survival or reproduction and so that trait dominates the population. There is no way a species can evolve significantly in one or two generations (without a catastrophic event that part of the population survives - eg virus pandemic), and anyway, humans choose to limit reproduction for lifestyle reasons, reproduction isn't limited by height or weight. Perhaps the data is corrupted by a gradual change in the racial mix of our population, combined with an increase in obesity due to lifestyle.

    This article suggests that genetically shorter and fatter women are breeding more, which can't be true (please tell me it isn't true....) My highly scientific study involving sitting in the carpark waiting for my kids at school/sporting events, and checking out all the mum's picking kids up, suggests it's a pretty even mix.
  15. Haven't been to Shepparton, Moe, etc lately then? :-w
  16. This article was written by a short fat woman that wants kids.
  17. [​IMG]

    ..and let's not forget how well the males are evolving too!! :LOL:
  18. Where did you get my pic, have you been stalking me?
  19. ..such a fine example!!..... I couldn't help it!!

  20. A pure thoroughbred.