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Women and Bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by serafina, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Hey Everyone,
    I'm new here case you didn't figure allready. I hope this hasn't been posted allready, but perhaps you can help me out anyway.

    Well i'm keenly interested in starting to ride but i was wondering, is there anything women should look out for when choosing a bike? Obviously women are a lot smaller then men, and from riding pillion i know they are immense machines to have between your legs!

    I was thinking things like weight & height for example could be an issue. I'm 5'7, 62kgs and fairly fit do you think i'd have any issues? Do i have anything to worry about, should i be looking (in the future) at particular bikes?

    Thanks heaps for any advice! :grin:
  2. if I was you I would go for the electroglide tourer :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  3. nope you should be fine. maybe ridign a dirtbike will be a bit hard, but just sit on it before you buy it and if you arent omfortable with how much you can touch the ground then look for a smaller bike. most 250s are smallish anyway :)
  4. Quite literally, at that height you should have no trouble finding a bike to fit you.

    I'm sure the females of this forum would be able to assist with the right gear...
  5. im around the same height and weight as you and have not had trouble finding a bike :)
    sure you may struggle with some dirt bikes but mostly you will be fine.

    dont let the weight of the bike hold you back too much either as they hold themselves up mostly, only time you will need ot worry is if you drop it... but then just sweettalk some guy into doing it :p
    and there are methods of picking up heavy bikes that you can impliment which will make it easy for you to do yourself (have seen a 5"2 light lady pick up a 1000 cc cruser)
  6. no problems, you'll fit prefectly onto a Busa.
  7. Welcome Serafina. I sat on a Goldwing last night (that would be too big!) . (I was disappointed, where was the Exocet Missile Launch button? - it had everything else!) I don't want one. I informed Husband of this experience tonight (as he was at work last night) and he looked disgusted and just asked "why?". I replied "to see how big it was!"

    You should be fine with pretty much anything, just sit on lots of different bikes and see what you feel comfortable with. I never test rode any of my bikes, just sat on them and if I felt comfortable bought them and got used to riding them. Good luck with the hunt and have fun!
  8. thanks very much for the advice. :)
  9. Hi Serafina.

    My late wife was only a touch over 5 feet tall, and only weighed around 50-55 kgs on a heavy day.

    She commuted every day on a CBR954 Fireblade.

    I doubt you'd have too many issues size-wise.
  10. When you park your bike at a right angle to the curb, try to back it in. That way you can ride straight out. :)
    Very few bikes have a reverse gear (excepting the large BMWs).
  11. And the Goldwing - it had reverse gear! I still don't want it.
  12. haha yeah as everyone else has said, you will be fine.

    I am 6'0ish 64kg and i don't have a problem.
  13. i'm 5'7 and i have no probs..

    even though the new r6 is rather tall.. i woldn't like it..
  14. Not all woman are, I am taller than alot of men :)
  15. Hello and welcome firstly :)

    You shouldn't have any probs with bikes imo...

    I regualrly ride bikes that I can barely tipy toe and still have no probs handling them.. including at stop signs..

    If you are worried I would recommend improving your core balance/muscles... This will help you keep the bike in an up right position while stopped....

    Other than that I would recommend test riding any bike you are looking at buying.... When you test ride it make sure you do a few hill starts and stop go etc etc..

    Remember the first time you ride a bike.. it will feel strange and it may feel like you are going to drop it ... After riding for a few weeks/months this feeling should go away.. as you become more comfortable with riding and your core balance has improved :)

    Enjoy :)

    Stay safe

  16. Welcome to the forums!

    I wouldn't be too concerned about your height. I'm 5'3 and don't have too many problems. As Lizzy says, test ride as many bikes as you can, you'll know which one feels best for you. I find the biggers bikes more comfortable to ride and you don't get blown around as much in the wind, but can be difficult to pick up if you don't have the strength or technique... so... find a hot guy to do it for ya!! :grin:

    Enjoy the search! Ride safe!
  17. *seany sticks his hand up as an open offer for all damsels in distress*

    Hi and welcome. Just try a few bikes and see what you like. At 5'7" you'll have no trouble finding something. :grin:
  18. See! There's always going to be enough hot fellas around to give you a hand!! The offers are starting already!! :LOL: :LOL: Ahhh Seany... you're such a gentleman :wink:
  19. You forgot to mention handsome. :grin:
  20. I would... but how do I know you are the real Seany? Prove it!!! The sig means nothin babey! I know you love puttin on the lotion!!! :LOL: :LOL: