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Woman's Health: Reducing the risk of Breast Cancer

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by DisgruntledDog, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. Study: Fellatio may significantly decrease the risk of breast cancer in women

  2. ..... Yeah, yeah!!..... good try!!.... :D

    ..Don't tell me you swallow this stuff!! (All Puns intended!!)....[​IMG]
  3. For men, the more we ejaculate the less chance we have of getting prostate cancer. Fellatio reduces the chance of women getting breast cancer.

    This is a classic win-win situation.
  4. I can see some really dodgy pick-up lines comping out of this...
  5. Amateur Gynocology....no experience, but I'll take a look at it for you..8-[8-[8-[
  6. awesome.
    pineapple juice anyone..?
    "if she spits, she's in lust. if she swallows, she's in love. and if she gargles, that biatch is straight bat-shit crazy"
  7. And you had to spoil it. :(
  8. .....[​IMG]

  9. For you, maybe. But my missus is not a netrider member so I'm good to go. :p
  10. Keyword - Missus. So you will be good to go.... to the computer and watch p0rn.

  11. I'm thinking of the greater good.
  13. ..fixed!!..

    .. I hope your skin improves with extended use then!!.... [​IMG]
  14. took me a while to get what you were insinuating ...
  15. I wish you women would just suck it up and accept it.
  16. ....blow that!!.....
  17. That is only half of the equation.
  18. Suck! Suck! Blow is just a figure of speech.
  19. ....you're spitting the difference!!....