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Woman walks free over biker's death

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by javaman, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. Sad and unbelievable :evil:


    A WOMAN accused of causing the death of a motorcyclist by dangerous driving yesterday walked out of the District Court after a jury acquitted her of the charge.

    Jennifer Anne Worth, a mother of three and a grandmother, had been on trial for allegedly causing the death of Karen Percy in October 2003.
    She was also charged with causing bodily injury to Ms Percy's boyfriend Matthew Holland.

    During the trial, the court was told Ms Percy, her partner of 3 1/2 years and a small group of friends - all on motorcycles - had just left the outskirts of Mt Barker when Worth's vehicle mounted the median strip and collided with the pair.

    They had been on their way home from the Moto GP at Phillip Island.

    Yesterday, the jury of eight women and four men took just two hours to acquit Worth, 62, of Goolwa, of all charges, including driving without due care. Ms Percy's family had prepared a written media statement, but their lawyer advised against issuing it.

    Both her family and Mr Holland's declined to comment as they left court.
    It is believed, however, that Ms Percy's family will now campaign for changes to the law.

    Outside court, Worth, flanked by her family, refused to comment.
  2. Thats fcuked!
  3. Additional information from a mate:

  4. Very sad indeed ...
  5. I don't care accident or not, that other person has lost their life. She mounted a medium strip i mean if someone has come into my lane and crippled me i would not be thinking, oh well don't worry about it, it was an accedient. This guy was not crippled he was killed!

    Walking free from something tells the community that takin someones life may not be that bigga deal.
  6. ok

    i agree
  7. I'd hate to go off half cocked and condemn the result, but I don't know all the facts - 12 people managed to unanamously assess (hopefully) all the facts and consider the relevant points of law, and find her not guilty of the charges... sad as it is to lose a fellow rider though.
  8. It is also not a criminal offence to be stupid.
  9. The Netrider membership breathes a collective sigh of relief... :LOL:
  10. 12 people? means absolutely nuffin.......12 people could all be wrong

    i can't say whether what she got was right or wrong though cause i wasn't there. but saying she's not guilty cause 12 other people thought that don't mean anything
  11. No, but perhaps we need to classify certainly people AS 'stupid' and remove certain rights from them to reduce their threat to society and themselves. Would also reduce public liability.

    Probably do a lot more to help road tolls than punishing drivers 3km/h over the limit.

  12. I thought loosing control of a vehicle was an offence?

    Usually you would be done with reckless driving or something wouldn't you?
    Maybe the old "culpable driving causing death" one?

    Sure you have to put some faith in a jury, but I can't see how anyone should walk away scott free from this one. even when I don't know all the facts.
  13. I think one major fact which has not been reported on in that article is why did the lady mount the median strip? Was she forced there by another car? Did her tyre blow? Etc. (I am suggesting that we don't know if she actually lost control - perhaps she simply did what a normal person would respond by doing)

    As people have said - we need to know the facts before conclusions can be drawn. Perhaps people on this site know more of the facts and can comment - if so please share your facts.
  14. Dear Dr Livingstone
    Unless you plan on our country becoming a police state with unlimited powers of arrest and prison and execution without trial, what those 12 people decided means EVERYTHING under our system of government and law.

    One day if you are required to stand before a jury of your peers, you will be grateful that you are standing before them and not a summary firing squad as happens in many countries in our sad world.
  15. Means nothing? So I'm guessing you're not a big fan of our justice system? If those 12 people took (likely) several days out of their lives to be presented all the available evidence, testemony and were guided by a judge on points of law, how else should we find her guilty/not guilty? Flip a coin? Maybe a Netrider poll to decide her fate? :LOL:
  16. Within one forum topic we state the law is the law and we should follow it..... :?

    On this topic, we disagree...... Emotional outbursts are exactly that... This is a tragedy, 100%, but that is all it is. :(

    People.... She was tried and our legal system said it was an accident. Leave it at that. People, the victims family may end up reading this so be nice :)

    To the family and friend of the loved ones, I prey for you and hope you can continue with life as I am sure you have suffered for over 2 years. To you, I am sorry that this has even happened.
  17. Good point :!:

    there must be some external influences that mean you shouldn't be done for failing to maintain proper control.

    I for one would be interested to know what really happened here.
  18. Well said. Like our system of government, our system of law is not perfect, but I for one am grateful to be living under it until somebody can show me a better one.
  19. i was alittle harsh with that statement there. it does mean something. however, i just don't like it when people say..."if those 12 people thought that she was guilty/not guilty then it must be true". i don't like that closed mindedness.

    i definitely don't mean that this country should become a police state, definitely not. and i do believe that the system we have in place is a good one with lawyers/judges/jury/innocent before proven otherwise......its a great system which allows us to live under with freedom/justice.....great country this is.....just not flawless like everything in life..... that's more like what i wanted to say
  20. Better, I can get off my high horse now!!!

    Of course, nothing's perfect, but we must defend that system, because it defends us when the boot is on the other foot.

    One of the other things about trials has also been said; the jury gets to hear a lot of OTHER evidence than what is released to us and the media, and makes its judgments based on all of that. We have to trust that they weighed all of it carefully, and, in this case, cleared the lady, despite OUR perceptions of what happened.