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Woman 'tried to blackmail' NRL star Fuifui Moimoi

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pringa8, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,25625783-421,00.html

    In light of the Matt Johns incident, I thought this may be worthy of discussion. Unfortunately it really does happen.

    Woman 'tried to blackmail' NRL star Fuifui Moimoi

    A WOMAN has been charged with attempting to blackmail NRL star Fuifui Moimoi following a sexual liaison three years ago.
    Crystal Lum, of Lalor Park, was charged at Blacktown Police Station earlier today with three counts of blackmail. She was bailed to appear in court on July 8, The Daily Telegraph reports.

    Police allege Ms Lum recently demanded $15,000 from Moimoi and threatened to go to the media with claims she was improperly treated, after another player joined them for sex.

    She also allegedly demanded $10,000 from the Parramatta Eels and made a similar threat to the Wests Tigers, although no amount was indicated.

    The second player was Moimoi's then housemate, Wests Tiger Taniela Tuiaki.

    In statements to police, both men denied there was any impropriety, or that Tuiaki had taken part in the encounter.

    Police yesterday arrested the woman and, after interviewing her at Blacktown, charged her with three offences.

    Moimoi confirmed to police the relationship had taken place but denied anybody else was present.
    It is alleged the brief sexual relationship occurred in 2006.
  2. Sh!t, sorry, meant to post this in off-topic, mods please :grin:
  3. see, if you hang around with people who are LIKELY to want to make some money out of your fame, this sort of thing is always likely to happen. And as long as sportsmen are paid sums of money that are idiotically out of all proportion to their real worth to society, they will always be targets.
  4. Shouldn't it be "colour-mail" ??? :roll: :roll: :roll:
  5. No! It's just downright rude to categorise this by colour at all! What does colour have to do with anything? It should just be mail!
  6. an ex lover tried to mail a man in southbank today. :eek: fortunately the man contacted police before things went too far.
  7. So why don't we hear about movie stars (who are WAY more overpaid than sports stars) getting into group sex scandals and getting scammed this way? Maybe it has more to do with the culture within the sport than the money they're being paid?
  8. You've answered your own question. The fact that they ARE paid way more than footy starts means that they have more media "clout", more "minders" who can lean on people who'd be likely to publicise their indiscretions and more money to buy silence.
  9. Hardly. I think it has more to do with there not being such a gang **** and thuggish mentality in Hollywood as there is in sport. It has nothing to do with how much either group is paid.
  10. You don't have groups of film actors who are encouraged to hang out together, do hard physical training together, party together and generally "bond".

    As Hornet's evil twin (or is it the other way about?) said, they also have a better class of minder. :LOL:
  11. No your right, they keep to the high class hookers, drugs, and public masterbation. :p
  12. "Extortion" seems to fit the bill nicely!! :-k
  13. lol @ shes from lalor park, as expected coming from there
  14. fcuk up.. i grew up there :) haha classy place...
  15. lol oh yeah, 2nd to vaclause :LOL: