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Woman praised for saving Bikers life (LONG)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. [Mod: Source, with credit to publisher/author for this content not supplied.]

  2. Horrible story. Poor bugger.
  3. Yeppers; sure is. Most news stories these days are.
  4. Horrible story??

    Then why did you post it under "Woman praised for saving biker's life"?

    I would say that it is a GREAT story, given how often we have noted here that people don't stop for us when we have our problems.

    Full marks for the lady; for stopping and helping, and for her humble response to peoples' praise:

    Looks like the guy us getting good care in hospital.

    I wonder how long it will be before the theorising about how the accident happened, begins?
  5. No Need to Theorise at all it is in the story already
    Hornet600 wrote
    I wonder how long it will be before the theorising about how the accident happened
    -------------------------------------------------------in Kishy's post
    Ms Brown said her car was about 400 metres behind a four wheel drive
    when the rider crashed into the loaded stock crate it was towing uphill
  6. Ive had 4 falls on a motorcycle and 2 of those people just watched and did nothing. Not even an 'are you ok?'.
    So bless the women and others who did so much for this rider. Sorry to hear about the rider also, but wondering how fast he was going or what caused (an experienced rider) to crash like that?
  7. Depends on how you look at the Story Paul.
    Yes it is a horrible story because the poor rider lost his leg, yes it is a good story because of the selfless actions of the lady driver.
    I feel for both of them.
  8. I agree good on her for caring enough to stop and help. It is in stark contrast to the controversial Eastern European (I think) motorcycle death video that was posted in the forums a couple of weeks ago.

  9. congrats mrs brown
    well done , another example of a great human being .

    and heal quickly to the rider.
  10. Thank you Smee :cool:
  11. Talking about the rider whos leg got chopped off as a result of the
    accident ya dill :cry:

    Lemme hack off your leg & we'll see if U still think its a gr8 story.
  12. The selfless act of this woman saved this mans life I have no doubt. There should be more people like her.
    The rider may of lost his leg but he is still alive.
  13. Is it me or when you read the article it look as though she actually comforted the driver in shock while the other 'several people' helped with the rider?

    If so then why is she the one credited with saving his life?
  14. Kishy you need to learn to distinguish between someone disagreeing with what you said and what may be said about you.

    Read these two sentences:

    You are stupid

    You have a stupid opinion

    They are NOT the same

  15. whered the story go ?;l