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woman made me crash and then did a runner, I chased her down

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by bungs, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. This morning I was on my way to work, and I saw up ahead that traffic had banked up. There was about 5 cars in the right lane at the intersection waiting for a green light, and the last car was a yaris. I was going to turn right so I was in the far right of the right lane going about 25km/h.

    As I go to pass her to go into the slip lane, without warning or indicating she decides she wants to go into the sidestreet and starts to move her car (which was stationary at the time) across the road going to the sidestreet. I tried countersteering but it was a lost cause because I was just going to end up T boning her, so I pushed the brakes to the max and ended up lowsiding it..


    So anyway, there I am on the ground. I see that she stopped her car and thought she was going to come out and at least see if i'm ok. I pick the bike up, and try to waddle it across the street and at the same time trying to start it. All of a sudden she just drives off, wtf?? So for the next 20 seconds I'm there trying to start my bike but it was a bit difficult because it ran out of fuel as it was on it's side, meanwhile some random on the footpath is yelling at me to go after her because she's doing a runner. I finally manage to start it and begin chase after her and finally managed to catch up to her around the block as pictured below.


    I was so furious I was so close to going and flykicking her mirrors off, but I composed myself and basically didnt say anything to her, just took down her numberplate and rode off. I wasn't in a very good mood to exchange numbers etc because I was so angry at her...

    Anyway, at lunch I went to the cop shop to make a report as I wanted to claim this on my insurance (I have full comp). She was registered and licensed so no problems there. But she did leave the scene of an accident which I assume has a significant fine? Anyway, to summarise the cop basically told me that if I wanted to lodge a report she would probably get a fine for fleaing the scene of an accident but I would also get a fine for lane splitting... I don't understand how you can lane "split" when there's no car on the other side to "split".

    The damage is a broken rear brake, scratched fairing, scratched engine cover, scratched brake lever + bar end. My bike's a k7 gsxr600. To fix it myself is probably $100 for the brake pedal, and 600 for the right fairing, and a couple hundred for the engine cover.

    So If I do go ahead and claim insurance, and she denies that it's her fault, I'll have to pay a 400 excess, 400 under 25 excess and 1500 inexperienced rider excess until my insurance company battles it out and decides she is indeed at fault. If she agrees it's her fault straight away I don't pay any..

    Basically my dilemma is, go ahead with insurance and risk the following: Pay fine for 'spliting' even though technically I wasn't. Pay for all the excesses until it's decided that shes at fault and I get refunded the excess. (Or somehow it's my fault and I have to pay $2300 + fine + higher excess for the next few years)

    OR suck it up, get a new fairing, for 500, new brake pedal 100 and learn from my mistake and call it a day?

    I'm new to victoria and assume that passing to the right of a stationary car in the same lane is illegal? Hrmmm. Guess I should be glad I was wearing all the right gear and came out without a scratch..

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Did you hit her vehicle?

    If not then there's no evidence. She can say she wasn't even there. In which case you have no claim and so will be forced to pay the excess. Were you able to get a witness?

    Also if they say your lane splitting then I can't see how they can make her responsible because she can't anticipate other riders/drivers doing illegal road maneuvers.

    Sorry this has happened to you i'm on your side especially since you have a gsxr but i'm kinda stuck in this legal/road/insurance thing myself and its messy stuff. Even though mine's straight forward.
  3. Phone and speak to your insurer, if you get a ticket for "splitting" then you go see a legal person and contest it if you do not think it's valid.

    I'd let insurance handle it(if it was me, that is, as My excess is way way way smaller than that, couldn't you find a better policy?). If your ticketed, from your pictures your buggered.

    Also it sounds cheaper to fix it yourself and learn a lesson from this. Don't trust other motorists until your safely out of the way(and maybe give way better?)
  4. I managed to avoid touching her car completely.. I'll call my insurance company tomorrow but I guess that my main motive behind this thread is I can't believe people can just leave somebody there on the road.. I could've had a broken leg or something. :roll:

    No witnesses. I was too busy trying to chase after the mole.
  5. But what she/he may of done, is terribly inconsiderate. You shouldn't of been there in the first place. It isn't a marked lane, and if your indicating, you may of made it appear you were going into the laneway. I think your equally to blame on consideration, maybe more so.
  6. Have you priced up the parts yet (aside from a guestimate)? That's what you need to really make a decision.

    As for fault, it's a hard one. I have been told by one copper that as long as you are indicating, you can pass another vehicle, on the right, within the same lane. But there are chevrons and road marking there that look like that you shouldn't be overtaking someone.

    Check out the prices first and then make a decision.
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