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Woman executed over child prostitution

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Tweetster, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. I guess she thought the crime was worth the risks!:

    A woman in southwest China has been executed after being convicted of forcing 22 school children into prostitution.

    Zhao Qingmei was put to death in Guizhou province "in recent days" after her final appeal was rejected, the Guizhou Daily reported on Monday.

    Zhao was convicted with six others of forcing the 22 pupils, some of whom may have been as young as six, and an older girl into prostitution in the impoverished mountainous province from March to June 2006, the paper said.

    Zhao was also convicted of aiding her husband in the **** of a child, it added.

    The report said the other defendants, including Zhao's husband, were given sentences ranging from jail time, including life sentences, to death with a two-year reprieve, a punishment normally commuted to life in prison.

    China annually executes more people than the rest of the world combined, last year putting to death more than 1,700 people out of a global total of almost 2,400, according to Amnesty International.

    As China does not publish full data on death sentences, rights groups say the numbers of people executed could be far higher.
  2. GOOD!
    No place in this world for child abusers!
  3. yep and they should hang/shot a few more of those sort of people....there was a movie on a few weeks ago called human trafficking.....and i am sure it was pretty tame compared to real life
  4. It's long been suspected that the actual numbers are in the tens of thousands, although many are classified as simple 'natural death' when they occur in the hundreds of unofficial prison camps. One news report recently included an semi-official announcement that 1,500 'murderers' had been executed following the recent Xinjiang riots.

    This points to the whole problem of condoning capital punishment in the first place, but I admit I'm conflicted in the case of the OP. That one I'd be tempted to turn a blind eye to.
  5. +1

    Great avatar by the way.....8-[
  6. I can never be in favour of capital punishment.
  7. I can..So long as there is No doubt to ones guilt...
    Pedophiles and the like need to be eradicated from the population permanently!

    We could feed a 3rd world country with what we spend keeping them alive in prisons, I know where id rather my dollars go.
  8. Be careful,
    In America it costs more to execute someone than it does to keep them imprisoned indefinitely.
    It would be no different here.
    Incarceration in less than ideal conditions would be a more suitable punishment for their entire life.
  9. Interesting!, I always had the view that the threat of the death penalty could be a deterant. However, that may not be the case - if people are of the opinion that they will not get caught.
  10. The problem with executions like this one is that we are only told one side of the story. How do we know this woman was even guilty? I've seen documentaries where corrupt officials will have somebody arrested and beaten, imprisoned, or killed simply because they did not pay a bribe or sell their house to a development company when demanded to do so. I'm sure that the charges they were 'convicted' of were just as horrible as the ones we've just read.

    Without a free and impartial judiciary, and a free press, I think we have to take these things with a grain of salt. She may have been guilty, but now that she is dead it is too late to do anything about it if she was innocent.

    And the 'feed a 3rd world country' argument only works if the money spent on incarceration were actually to be channeled into productive aid programs. Any guesses how likely that is? My guess would be not very.

    Here in Australia we have people wrongfully convicted. In the US there are people who were on death row, only to be released when DNA evidence proved that they had been mis-identified by witnesses as the perpetrator of a crime.

    If we can't get it right when we have money and resources, and comparatively low levels of corruption, what chance do poorer, more corrupt countries have?
  11. That is an interesting statement. The bulk of the research done to date shows that the death penalty is not a deterant under any circumstances. In crimes of passion, people don't think of the consequences. In crimes for financial gain, the risk is usually passed off to expendable people like drug mules. Of course, criminals often share the delusion that they are smarter than everybody else and there is no way they will get caught.
  13. The problem with executions like this one is that we are only told one side of the story. How do we know this woman was even guilty

    Well put; this is a government which has no compunctions about driving over its own citizens with tanks; how can we believe anything they say about crime by its citizens when it is a criminal regime?
  15. A perfect justice system that never condemns an innocent exists in the same fairy-tale world where those nasty crimes never happen in the first place.

    Capital punishment is wrong.
  16. I'm always stunned when people justify the state taking someone's life, no matter the justification. Whilst people lie, there are corrupt officials or evidence is decided by humans, subject to all human conditions, there will always be doubt. And where there's doubt, taking a life, no matter how heinous the crime, will never be the correct thing to do.
  17. There have been cases where the perpetrator has acknowledged his guilt and requests to be put to death! what about those cases????

    I remember reading a case once where a convicted pedophile in the USA served some piss ant sentence and was then released back into society, within a few weeks of being released he had abused and murdered a young girl, he apparently asked for scissors so he could cut off his own penis... IMO they should have been given to him!

    Im a mother and this is an emotive topic granted but many people feel the same way as i when it comes to Pedophiles.
    ETA : once they are dead they have ZERO chance of re offending!
  18. And people never lie, never suffer from mental illness and never confess to a crime they didn't commit.
  19. The death penalty can increase viloence in cases, death penalty for pedophiles, they wont wanna leave that kid alive to testify,
    Somebody shot a person, hmmn thats the death penalty they are looking at, best to silence the only other 2 people in the room who saw the deed and you have at gunpoint.
    yes to a rationally sane thinking person it is a deterrant, but most serious and dangerous crimes are not committed in a sane rational state of mind, just something to consider
  20. I said when there is no doubt ....
    Ok let me put it this way , without drawing a visual image..What about the guys who are caught in the act? (Either in person or on Video etc ) Did they slip and fall so they have an excuse also?

    Cejay if a mans guilt is proven beyond any shadow of doubt, he is caught red handed in the act, he confesses ( without any duress), he asks to be put to death because he acknowledges he will never stop offending...what would you want done with that man? would you want him " rehabilitated"??? locked up for what someone deems as " life" ?
    I wouldnt want the risk of him re offending on my conscience, i wouldnt want to tell the mothers of the additional victims that i was the one who said he shouldnt be finished....
    Seeing the impact and the duration of misery this crime has on its victims and the victims families means i have ZERO compassion for the perpetrator!