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Wollongong to Newcastle through Sydney

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Caz no 2, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. For our Vic to QLD trip we are heading through Sydney and would like to go over the bridge, then onto Newcastle.

    Last year we went around Sydney via the Freeways/Tollways through Thornleigh then headed up to Newcastle via the F3?

    As we are heading through Sydney this time, which are the best roads to take to the bridge and then from the bridge to Newcastle, is there a nicer scenic route from Sydney to Newscastle?
  2. Hmm.

    Fastest would be to go Wollongong, up the F6 freeway, through Botany Bay to the Eastern Distributor, then F3 Freeway to Newcastle. I love/hate wrestling through the southern suburbs though.
    Laziest would be to go via the Hume Highway, M7 ring-road, M2, F3, around the outer fringe of the city. Sit on 100kph and have a nap for an hour and a bit without having to slow down or think too much.

    Though from memory the number 6 highway through Bankstown to Epping has several Bus Lanes which give motorcycles the "red carpet treatment" if you wanted to make a straight shot of it. (It's been a while since I lived near Sydney so can anyone confirm this?) http://goo.gl/maps/7JG3y <-- this bit? I think? Not sure, it's been a while. :-k

    From Sydney to Newcastle, you could do a bit of the Old Pacific Highway rather than the southern part of the F3....

    Or maybe go via Wiseman's Ferry and Wollombi (there's a great pub at the main intersection of Wollombi) - http://goo.gl/maps/d7xF3 Heading Northbound on Wiseman's Ferry isn't my preferred direction because it places you on the cliff-wall side rather than the water-side (i.e. less vision through the turns) in the residential part after the ferry crossing.

    Or the Putty Road...? - http://goo.gl/maps/poVoS Though the less-technical middle bit of the Putty Road is usually fairly heavily policed as sportscar drivers and motorcyclists tend to wick up the pace to compensate for the more open straights and gentler bends.

    To go Wollongong to Sydney you could follow the coast from Wollongong, up past Thirroul, over the Sea Bridge, then through the Royal National Park to reach Sydney. http://goo.gl/maps/wfFwV That'd be a cracker of a scenic ride. I love the coastal roads north of Wollongong. :)
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  3. Thanks Spots, will do that Wollongong to Sydney route for sure.

    What about cutting into Gosford, then going via Bateau Bay, The Entrance and up to Newcastle?

    Seems there is no way along the coast from Sydney as it stops up at Palm Beach? Or is that a good way to go and maybe Ferry it across?
  4. No worries. :)

    Unfortunately my understanding of the Pacific Highway is pretty limited at best, as I haven't been on it many times and around the peak of my driving/riding in NSW the Pacific Highway had been chopped up by two landslides.

    Regarding Gosford and North via the coast, I've only done the loop around Lake Macquarie by bicycle. I guess it ought to be fun! :D

    I've never been to the Palm Beach area either, so I can't help with that. :)
  5. I'm pretty sure the ferry 'tween Palm Beach and the Central Coast doesn't take vehicles (pushbikes probably, but unless you can carry your bike I think you're out of luck)
  6. depending on how good you are

    no1 - go Wiseman`s ,if you never done that before, its a kickass ride down the mountain to the ferry (not done it in years)

    no2 - The Putty .the Singelton end is just amazing -hard to keep eyes attached to road in places. Colo mountain is fun to watch cars sitting up your ass ,fall away and fail (my go to ride)

    no3 - old pac, not done that since it was the pac

    no4 - cruise straight down the hiway .A tad boring unless you detach your headlight and do it a 2am in the rain as fast as you can .dont take a turn and you run into my front door :D

    From where i am (beresfield)Near newcastle . it`s the gateway to fun . You can go . Glouster ,walka, armidale. your at the top of N.S.W pretty quick that way .dont speed through walka

    Newcastle full of police .rarely see them out on the crappy roads unless they got something more important to do then book me :D

    Just don`t speed through the little towns, you should have a great run
  7. Also ages since I've done it but I'd also do Wiseman's Ferry. Check out the old Pub/Inn.

    Do you plan on stopping in Newcastle. maybe hanging around for a few days or just passing through?
  8. Just passing through think we will stop at Port Stephens for the night.
  9. Gosford to the The Entrance North is pretty much 60km/hr, roundabouts, traffic lights etc, even though it might be called central coast highway!

    It does quicken up once you get to the road between Magenta and Toukley and you can get on the Pacific highway and go to Newcastle through Swansea, more coastal compared to the F3.

    However Putty rd would be the best riding route..
  10. if you wanted to do putty road you would be best going around sydney again, as op wants to go through sydney i would say that makes it a bit out of the question unless she really wants some twisties and is willing to ride north over the bridge and up to berowa, then over the berowa waters ferry and over catti ridge road eventually ending up at the start of putty, that would get you out there, but its a bit of a convoluted route.

    either that or just take lady game drive, yanko road and comenarra parkway north to old road then leave via that way, cut inland a bit to wollumbi and stop for lunch, then you can cut through maitland and over to the start of waterfall way up to walcha, then do the oxley and end up back on the coast at port, or go further north and cut in on either the gwyndir (sp) or bruxner highways, i think there i one more, i forget the name, they all take you over amazing scenery over the great dividing range and loads of twisties.

    probably wanting to stay in walcha the night before, great town, loads of places catering to bikers, great bacon and egg rolls, expensive fuel.

    **** i need a to go for a ride
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  12. That would be my choice. If going through Newcastle itself I'd head into town and back over Stockton Bridge. If not then you'd just outskirt Newcastle mostly. Not much need to go in if you were only to do the burbs.

    At Port Stephens I'd head to Nelson Bay but then heading North you need to head back a bit. I think there might be a Ferry that goes between Nabiac and Nelson Bay but I doubt it takes Motorbikes. It takes pushbikes for sure. Be a blast if one took motorbikes.
  13. Thanks Spots, from Wollongong to Sydney went over the sea bridge and through the Royal National Park, you were right, what a ride:):):)
  14. Its a good run, i do miss the roads down there.
    Will very likely be back when the work dries up here :p. Its where all my family and friends are lol.
  15. Love that sea cliff bridge, nicest corners if you take it fast, but the gusts of wind off the sea can be intense! i nearly got blown off it the first time i rode it.

    OP i can highly recommend zig zagging the GDR as messendale suggested, the roads that go across it are probably some of the best in the state, and will give you lots of great scenery and good verity (tropical and highlands). The pacific is terrible.
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