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[Wollongong] Sweet MP3 player deal

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MitchRohr, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,
    Just letting all of you from the Wollongong area know that Dick smith in town (Keira Street) has these:


    reduced from 30 bucks to 15, cause they have a surplus they need to get rid of. Comes with a year warranty, only downside I can see so far is that the battery is only rated for 3 hours. Looks to be decent quality and has a clip on it which will be handy for attaching to jackets etc. I picked one up this arvo and am just charging it now.

  2. Can someone please translate this customer review from the DSE Website??

    i have jst brought 3 of these mp3s i wud recondmend dem 2 any one dat is wanting 2 buy a mp3 player thy r lite weight gd 4 wen owt jogging or on a walk easy 2 use stores 1000 songs comes wif everything dat u need cheap price wise

  3. 4 gig, 3 hour battery, screw that.
  4. you can click on (Report as inappropriate) haha
  5. Fuk it, buy 2! The way I see it, I spend 5 hours listening to my Daytona drone tomorrow (when I go to see my parents in dubbo) at 6k RPM or listen to it drone for 2.
  6. I wouldn't even think about riding to dubbo unless the bike was incredibly comfortable.

    I do dubbo reasonably regularly, my biggest beef with the trip is there are sweet hills that could have one epic road rolling through them literally 200 metres to the left and right of the highway. This goes on for several hundred kilometres. Add into the equation the mountain range off southwest of wellington and we would have ourselves possibly the best continuous road in Australia. Travelling to dubbo would no longer be a chore but a 450 km wet dream. Weekend road trips here we come.