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wollongong SMIDSY

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by kingy, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Hey guys

    Saturday last week I was T boned 6 driveways away from my house..
    Causing me to break every bone in my left leg and a compound fracture in my axkle ...
    Doctors where 90% sure I would be loosing my foot. Still in hospital and still uncertain of my foots future . In a lot of pain but trying to keep positive .. long recovery 7-12 months ..
    Bike was a write off . Driver of car at fault even got CTV footage he got charged .


  2. Bad luck mate, feel for ya had 5 breaks in legs , get up and about ASAP. Get out of that hospital as soon as you can, bad places to hang around.
  3. :( Whereabouts are you in hospital, mate, I'd love to call in on you!
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  4. Meant to add, keep us up to date on your progress mate.
  5. Wollongong hospital ward 4 west bed 16... so much pain and over a week ago .
  6. edit: (you sound upbeat, not woe is me) You're incredibly upbeat considering. Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery.
  7. Cheers mate .. a lot of pain medicine..still awaiting verdict on foot .. broke hip thigh Tiber knee shin and ankle ...
  8. Have you got someone you can talk to about the pain management? The hospitals answer will be drugs and more drugs, sometimes the answer is more within you. PM me if you would like to hear my slant on it.
  9. What a shit thing to happen mate.
    Keep us posted and hope you make it out of the woods with everything intact.
    Chin up and heal fast.

  10. Keep us posted mate - hope you heal up well.
  11. shit bloke, no good, hope it all works out on the positive side for you
  12. Damn man.
    One of those things people say so much - even if you are in the right, its still farking wrong isnt it!

    Hope you heal up good pal.
    It can be a dangerous thing we all love to do.
  13. Mate youve got an amazing outlook All the best hope you get better soon keep us updated
  14. Cheeses! You took a hard whak on the left side!

    You'll be right.

    I know, it's easy for me to say... That's fair enough, but it won't change things for you...you'll still be right. Just keep your spirits up, make sure a TAC rep has been up there with all the paperwork, and ask them to help you get your claim going.

    20 yrs from now, that left leg might start to get saw in the cold etc, leaving you to have tests done. It can be covered under the original impact.

    Keep your chin up and drop in here. It's at least entertaining. :)
  15. TAC would only get involved if one of the parties was Victorian raven, he needs to deal with the CTP people.
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  16. Sorry for large pics 2. Uploaded from mobile phone unsure of resizing URLs...

    Cheers guys this positive attitude/ vibe helps me out..
    Its currently covered by his CTP which is great but I have privite health and I'm stuck in public. Arhh well hotter nurses 8-[
  17. when u get a chance and if your up to it, give us a run down on what actually happened and looking/thinking back of what happened in your mind, was there anything that u could of done to avoid it, good lesson for all of us
  18. ^^^ It's a new Goz.
    At least this version is more handsome! LOL
  19. Goz will be back to normal tomorrow after my doggies win the final :D
  20. If they dont, going to join the riots? :p.