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Wollongong Riders

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Guru, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Hey there, I'm a new rider in Wollongong and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to let me have a ride of something a bit more powerful than a 250. I'm looking at a CB400 or a GS500 but have never riden either so I just want to know what Im getting myself into as I've only riden a 125 for my training, and a few of my mate's 250's, and one of the shops didn't think I was a "serious" enough buyer to take the GS for a test ride

    Bit of a strange request but it's worth a try I guess.


  2. Perhaps telling us what you currently ride and how long you've been riding would assist people in evaluating whether they are happy to risk their pride-and-joy in your hands :)
  3. If you can handle a 250 ,you can handle the GS500 ,just the GS weighs abit more ,thats out it. :wink:
  4. 1 - New Rider
    2 - only riden a 125 for my training, and a few of my mate's 250's
    Thats a big ask of someone mate
    Good Luck
  5. Yeah I sat on the one in the shop and it didnt feel all that much heavier or bigger in size, but its more just for the power thing, if its practical or safe to get a bigger bike as first.
    Cheers for the tip anyway :)
  6. Yeah I know, it's a gamble but worth a try I guess. No harm in asking.
  7. seems to be a lot of riders from The Gong here.

    Originally from Balgownie ;>
  8. :eek:

    I also come from Balgownie :p
  9. In all honesty champ, thats a big ask.
    I went from a 125cc on training of course then bought a suzuki ts185 road trail bike which i managed to do 1000klms on the road in all conditions in as little as 2 months which is alot for a learner i think.

    Then bought a 650 road bike and even then i can tell ya there's a BIG difference, soo easy for someone to stack/drop. So i personally wouldn't lend someone my bike, if they do, good on em.

    All the best.
    Go the gong :cool:
  10. wtf? I am living in Chatswood and come from Balgownie.

    haha, what a coincidence?
  11. Obviously people don't move to Balgownie, they move out :LOL:

    Unless you have the cash to pay for any damage done to my bike, you're not getting on it. Although I might give you a ride if you ask nicely...
  12. Unless you wanna work at the pub there aren't that many job opportunities in bally.. :p
  13. Haha, thats a pretty cool pub, been a few times.