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Wollongong information

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Spots, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Yet more ponderations about moving around. Only this time it's more definite. A Spots is probably invading Wollongong in a bit over a month's time.

    Where's a "good" spot to live? (How long is a piece of string?) I imagine property prices & rental anywhere near Mt. Ousley Rd and Bulli Pass are outrageous, or indeed anything in the general direction of Sydney.

    Well, probably an easier question to answer: Where are the bad places to live?
  2. If you want to escape being close to Sydney prices for any sort of accommodation, you'll need to be looking south of the centre-line through the city, and you'll need to factor that in to your travelling times too.

    I'm renting a nice three-bedroom brick veneer house with a garage in Oak Flats for $230 a week.

    If you want further info, you could PM me and I'll give you my phone number.

    {Oh, two other things. You'll be closer to Macquarie Pass, Kangaroo Valley and Cambewarra Mountain. And, once you come here, you'll never want to leave, trust me.}
  3. Dapto has a bad name. Warilla also

    Most other areas are pretty good.

    As to price it's still good value if you consider time from the beach compared to similar time to beach in Sydney.
  4. *grins toothily*

    My MR2 and I are well-versed in the gentle ways of Macquarie Pass and the roads around Kangaroo Valley, Kiama, et al. :angel: Used to regularly visit a friend who lived in Albion Park a few years back.

    I'll be working in Atchison St in Wollongong. Regarding the accomodation offer, we'll see - The Company will put me up for a month somewhere as part of the relocation package, so I wouldn't be looking for a place for at least another 2 months. I'm probably biased slightly northwards because I've got a few friends in the Sutherland shire.
  5. Nowra is only 50 mins away, and the train runs there. If you are a true car/bike enthusiast, a nice windy commute shouldn't bother you!
    Juts an option.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. The difference between the south and the north in terms of social travel (since you're going to be working in town) is not worth worrying about; probably 20 minutes, tops. So you could get one of the new units right in town (they're building hundreds of them, one lot right on top of the golf course, and overlooking the ocean :shock:), or a place in one of the new farm-land estates at the base of the Pass around Albion Park. I'll bip the horn at you as I pass on the way to the Pie Shop :LOL:.