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Wollongong- Hanoi planning

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by wozza, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Hi all,
    Been thinking about doing this ride for a while and to ensure minimal mechanical problems etc i've decided to follow in the footsteps of those who have done this trip (or part of) on a CT110.

    So at the moment this trip is nothing more then fantasy, but i would like to put it into action, possibly for over the summer holidays at Uni.

    Some questions arise,
    Has anyone done something like this that could advise on what route etc?

    I can roughly figure out costs involved but if anyone has anything more specific it would be helpful.

    What gear would I need to take? I'm assuming spare wheel (maybe?), jerry can, food, tent (sleeping bag) etc.

    Thanks for any input,
  2. You won't be able to take the bike into Vietnam Wozza.

    Best route would be to Darwin - crate the bike with Perkins to Timor déste, island hop to Sumatra using local ferries, take a ship from Medan to Penang and ride up through Thailand to Cambodia.

    I've done most of that journey at different times, but never in one go. For the best information go to http://www.horizonsunlimited.com.

    If you want more info PM me or check out my blog at http://farqhuar.blogspot.com
  3. Thanks for your reply farq,

    I had a look at your blog, very interesting stuff. You seem to have traveled all over the world on that bike of yours. Just an ot question, where did you find the 'best' ride? (i realise its subjective heh). Did you enjoy riding in Australia? If this trip falls through I may just go for a ride up or down the east coast for a bit of fun.

    Had a look at the other site you suggested, I couldn't see any information on bringing a bike into Vietnam, but I assume it is not possible due to Government requirements?

    Thanks for your suggestions on routes, i'll have a look now :)

  4. I live in Hanoi, mate. If you wanna contact me, do so at gelugpa@gmail.com and I can give you the ins and outs of motorcycling in Hanoi and what possible (probable) bureaucratic obstacles you could (will) encounter.
  5. If you want to chat I did a similar trip last summer around south East Asia on my DR650.

    Time wise I didn’t manage to go though Indonesia (and from memory it’s the wrong time of year seas wise to island hop). But went from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and back again covering around 13000km over three months (Flew Sydney to Singapore and then KL to Sydney).

    Personally I found every place I went paled in comparison to Laos. Simply breathtaking scenery, great people, and an easy place to travel for the large part.


    lachlan . baxter @ g mail . com
  6. Holly crap you guys actually that your bikes around the world? :shock:
  7. Thanks for all your replies guys, I will be getting back to you over the weekend (when i have some free time). Resident, holy moly, that looks fantastic and your right about the weather (it was a concern of mine).
  8. Good luck Wozza I don't have any idea or know anything about Hanoi, but I love the long long ride story, I can only support you by reading your post.
  9. Just hire a bike in Saigon, logistically 1000 times easier than getting a CT110 there. And for what gain. When I did it you couldnt ride over 125 cc anyways. I did a tour with Easyrider. Knew the roads, sites to see, lingo etc, nice guide, had a ball
  10. From what we've talked about, I don't think he intends to get a CT110 into Vietnam, but intends to hire a bike through a tour company when he gets here.

    This will incur a 200% import tax on the vehicle, if, and that's an enormous if, they will let it into the country. And upon export, you will incur a shit-ton of paperwork and fees as well.
  11. Just got back from Vietnam a few months back.
    Rode a minsk from Saigon to Hue, where it broke :p
    You can bring your bike in, I know quite a few who have done it. But unknown on the costs.
    Best way is to buy a bike locally.

    heres the report: