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wollongong - cooma and back ON A POSTIE!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by andbat, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. 105cc, pod air filter, partially de baffled exhaust and a 16 tooth (stock is 15) front sprocket.

    well i set out on my first long distance trip on the 13th of july at 10:00am.

    got to mossvale and realised i had forgotten my wallet so back home i went.
    take 2: 12:00 and raining, it rained all the way to goulbourne. on the next leg of the journey it seemed like it took forever next to the lake, and just after seeing a sign that read 38km to queenbeyan i had to switch to reserve tank .8L, this was gonna be close. made it though. on the next leg i started feeling sleepy and went into a micro sleep on the wet and veered onto the wrong side of the road on a left turn, so quickly pulled over took my hlemet off and had a stretch. it was cold and widny and starting to get dark. i finnally arrived at my friends place in cooma at 6:00pm

    the next day i had a look around flyn's wrecking yard, the biggest wreckers in the southern hemispher (i think)
    now my other vehicle is a mini so that may explain some photos





    i also adjusted the chain as it had become a bit loose from the previous day.

    the next day i left for the trip back, i filled her up in cooma and set off. about and hour outta town i had to switch to reserve, i thoguht it a bit odd but concluded maybe i had done over 100km by then, suddennly a couple minutes later the reserve started spluttering, i quikly pulled the hell over and looks down.
    OH NO!!! has the engine exploaded? there was fluid pouring everywhere and then it struck me, i quickly switch the fuel line off and got off to have a better look. 2 screws had come loose and dropped and the float bowl had dettached from the carby and was only being held in place by the lines. i sat and watched amoungst bones, teech and leather from many a kangaroo road kill, as my bike steamed petrol vapor.


    i came to the onclusion that i must somehow do a temporary fix to get to the next town. so with some wire borrowed from a farm fence to go through the screw holes to guide it, some very well placed cable ties to apply pressure to the seal and hold the wire in place (and with the wire holding the cable ties in place as well) and a REAL sock filter. i had this...


    before the trip i had filled it's tooldbox, but considered it a bit of a joke. boy was i glad i had them now.

    it was held fairly firmly, i was impressed with myself. then it was off to the closest town with the remainders of what was in the float bowl. [note, when starting the bike i had rolled it away from the fuel spilled area, and had been very cautious when starting. the whole repair took close to an hour and it had cooled down enough]

    upon entering the town i spotted a postman and chased hime down, he gave me directions to the postal depot and the number of there service guy. he also gave me dircetions to the closest petrol station.

    just as a i saw the station the bike started spluttering and finnally died as a rolled into the bowsers. i put a couple of bucks in, not sure how long the temp fix would last. i rode deeper into the town and while looking for the post office i thoguh "maybe my repair is good enough for me to get home on" as i looked down i saw a drop of fuel land on the engine and evaporated instantly "no andy, you have to get this done properly before hourse more on the road" i couldn't get through to the postie service man, but i found a group of mechnical businesses. i first went to a petrol to gas modifying one, they directed me to the muffler center that also dealt with bikes.

    they were very helpful and impressed with my story and repair job, they thoguht me crazy to ride to cooma and back on postie and asked "why?" i replied simply, "i'm cheap uni student and don't have any other way." they helped me reatache the float bowl and sold me at a reduced price a new air filter.


    so thanks to the guys at tuggeranong motorcycle centre i was back in business.


    i reached queenbeyan and went straight through on a full tank. the lake road was even worse this time, the wind had picked up and was against me. i lay right down and at some points it felt like i was leaning against it so strongly the bottom of the bike would be blown out from underneath me. my hand and feet were frozen but there was nothing i could do but keep going till goulburne. i finally made it and had a kebab and coke while ooking at the big merino. my hpone ran outta battery so i wasn't able to get a photo.

    the rest of the journey was fairly un-eventful, filled again in moss vale and rode through the macquarrie pass in the dark. got home around 7:00pm and got to work at 7:30 to deliver pizza, only an hour late. :D

    (photo the next morning)

    it was one hell of a journey, and i'm not doing the same again until i have a better bike. it was cold, wet, windy, sore on my bum. one hell of an adventure though.

    sorry about the spelling, i can't be bothered.
  2. Sounds like you had fun! pain in the butt while it's happening but you got to laugh when it's over it's all part of the adventure
  3. great sounding trip.

    brings back memories of overnight mountain nbiking and skiing trips in my poor student days using whatever we could afford for the job.

    great fun and stories :)

  4. Good write up of an interesting trip mate :)
  5. Great tale man. And 10 points for having a crack on a postie =D>.
  6. Top stuff!
  7. You'll remember that trip for a while =D>

    Well done on the roadside repairs too
  8. Mr Andbat Ironbutt
  9. Rock on man! Very impressive journey, I just got back from the snow and its reminded me about all those awesome roads - especially once you get past Jindy. No idea how you tuffed it out on the postie though. What was your cruising/top speed?

    Ain't that the truth? I'm always stocked with a pretty decent kit I've made up from bits and pieces, and its with me wherever I go. Nothing would suck more than being stranded in the middle of f***ing nowhere with something so simple as a dud spark plug or loose bolt.

    Cheers - boingk