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Woke up this morning to find my bike wrecked!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by prks21, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. I park my bike in a secure apartment block garage - on the side (parallel to a kerb against a concrete wall, in no one's way). When I came down this morning I find my right hand side rear view mirror on the ground and scratches on the right hand side of my bike. It seems like someone just backed into my bike (however I can't seem to find any scratches on the left hand side of my bike...maybe someone just pushed my bike?) and pushed it against the wall. I suspect the culprit has parked in a parking space opposite to my bike in a "visitor" parking spot (so hard to track down).

    I ordered a new mirror today for $140 and am really really pissed off. I don't know what to do...my brand new bike...with no scratches is no longer perfect. Should I bother trying to track down this person? or should i leave it alone and get on with life?

  2. Find them and kill them.
  3. congratulations you have just unlocked the extra corner speed secret mod they place in all bikes that is only released once it's been drop/crashed or smashed but still ride able :woot:

    seriously i would fix, keep an eye out for the person/car maybe check if any video in carpark area, but at the end of the day life is to short to worry about a few scratches...i mean fark foot pegs get real expense when you have to replace em after every corner, because you are busy grinding away (scratching them)as you ride through corners :LOL:
  4. if it was a secure parking lot, possibility of and security cameras overlooking the parking position ? or cameras at all ?
  5. no cameras in the actual garage. i had a better look at my bike tonight and can't seem to find any scratches or anything on the left side.....so im leanin towards the conclusion that someone sat on my bike and tried playin around with it (with the steering lock on) and lost control, or someone got annoyed at where i park and pushed my bike.

    anyway....its prob not worth my effort to find the culprit (but i would love to give them a piece of my mind)....im getting a new mirror asap as I have Ps test next Monday. It was a interesting ride to work and back today with no right rear view mirror, lol...i was doing massive headchecks (good practice for the Ps test, i guess). Also, gettin an alarm sounds like a good idea (stop people touchin my bike)...thou i did think it was safe in my secure car park. Thou...prob better safety gear is on top of my priority list...when i get the money...and then the alarm eventually.
  6. +1
    With the alarm blazing, the culprit may think twice about trying evade responsibility. Especially with the embarrassing prospect of being caught trying to do so.

    Sorry to hear mate
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    hehe, i was thinking of that even before i hit the link.
  9. prks21 :

    Sorry to hear about your bike mate...hope you manage to find the 'culprick' and educate them on the basics of private property, verbally or otherwise ;)

    In the meantime, keep up the good work re the headchecks (especially to the right :cool: ) and best of luck with your upcoming P's test.

    Safe riding dude.
  10. It happens, get over it.
  11. Man have you been taking some biatch pills this past fortnight or something? :? Yeah he'll get over it but a little sympathy goes a long way.
  12. It happens, get over it.

    But I can give you a cuddle.
  13. A real cuddle or is it just an excuse to fondle?
  14. i just found out today from another rider in my building...that he picked up my bike after finding it against the wall......so the idiot who wrecked my bike...didnt even have the courtesy to pick it up...

    my flatmate says...if someone did that to his r1....he would burn the whole building down to find the guy, lol. ill keep my eye out but im not gonna go actively chasin this guy...but im startin to form a list of suspects, lol.
  15. I love it when people get all macho and shit when stuff like this happens.
  16. If ya find him slash his tyres and brake fluid his car lol joking! Just get him in a choke hold till he passes out then work out what to do with his car. Sorry my bad just hope you get bike fixed and find culprit and well use your imagination ;)
  17. Geezus! WTF is wrong with people these days?? Set up a secret camera and link it to ur internet.... catch them and ask for the damages! GRRRRRR!

    Im so sorry to hear bout ur damage, hope it never happens again!
  18. or just post a note to the effect of:

    "To the kind person who witnessed my bike being pushed over, thank you for the details of the offender. These are being withheld from the police for 7 days to give that person the time to come forward."

    If it works, great. If not, well at least ya tried.

    Sorry to hear about your bike, I too live in a block with underground garage and annoyingly there's nowhere to park bikes, so I have to share a space with a large skip bin and an uberscooter. Keep worrying i'm going to come down and find they've moved the bins and knocked my bike over.
  19. Just a quick question, was it actually parked in a parking space? From reading it you had parked it in a driveway/aisleway opposite visitor parking spots.

    If you live in a block that has secure parking don't you have your own parking space/cage/garage?? It might not look like it's in the way but that may well depend on what/who was parked in the visitor spot.

    Now don't get me wrong, I am not justifying someone backing into your bike and especially the fact that they had just left it there. I would be furious if I would find my bike like that, but I park it inside my lock-up garage specifically for that not to happen.