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wohooooo went for a ride on hubby's gsxr'ssss

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chickibabe, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Well it finally happened, pick up the courage to take them for a ride :shock: . So there take that FJ1100. :LOL:
    Well first I went out on the 85 model. Because it seemed a little smaller then the 92, and I thought I would rather drop the 85 than 92 model. :roll: . Plus I'd never forgive myself if I dropped the 92 after he only put it on the road on friday.
    The heart was thumping almost out of my chest and the sweat was running out of me. lol. He said just take it around the block and get the feel for it first lou and see if you like it. Well did a couple of blocks came back, had the big smile on my face. :grin: :grin: . so he put a bit more petrol in it go for a few more laps. Ok well I came back home after about 10 minutes. Saying I like I like . :LOL: :LOL: .

    So Ok hop on the 92. I was shaking again. lol. Well took it around the block a couple of times. My smile was getting bigger by the second. Came back home. With the smile almost out of my helmet.He said take it out for a run if your happy with it. Ok off I go went out for about 20 minutes, a couple of roundabouts, a few bends and a straight, looked down at speedo and went oh s##T I was sitting on about 100km. :shock: thought well better back off now :LOL: finally came back home, I like it even more I'm hooked!!!!!!!!.
    I thought the seating position would be hard since I ride a gs (upright) but it didn't bother me that much. Maybe on a long trip it would. And the thought of, if I turned that throttle to hard it would take off and plant my a$$ on the road :oops:
    Now i think hubby has lost a bike and the gs will be the commuter. Only kidding.
    Well I just thought I'd tell you all how I went. Plus just had to tell everyone because I was so proud of myself getting on them. All that worry about it. I dont know why I didn't do it earlier.
  2. Good for you!!1 :grin: :grin: :grin:
    Takes me back to when I got my new 91 gixxer (oooohhhhhh the debt I got myself into for that!!).
    I can relate to the smile coming out of the helmet....
  3. Way to go Chickbabe...:woot:

    I can relate, when I rode the husbands R6 for the first time I had to ride it down our (then winding) drive, which at the time was corrugated, rutted, and heaps of loose stuff all over it. :evil:

    When I knew that I could do that, the rest was easy :LOL:
  4. I love the look of the old GSXR's, and am considering one, but they seem a little overpriced.

    I really like the look of the 85's, so brutal and classic ;and I think I read the earliest one's were actually the fastest and they got heavier and softer over the years?

    Did you find much difference between the two models? Do you prefer the 92 and why?
  5. Awesome lou, good on ya!

    Now to borrow his 1100? :p
  6. Well what can I say, I liked both but the 85 was alot lighter than the 92, but the 92 was alot smoother to ride, eg clutch, brake and gear shift.
    but on the other hand, hubby has owned gixxer's from the 85 to 92 models and his fav is the 89 slingshot. for the pure grunt wise (stock) he thinks the 85 would be up there. The 85 is good but lacks the technology eg brakes, suspension, but all can be modified to suit you.
    Overpriced: hubby said there is reason for this :twisted: :grin: . But they are becoming / are collectable and fun to ride. :grin: :grin:
    The 85 is forsale have a look in the bikes forsale section.
    Thanks for your responce and i hope i have helped.
    Cheers lou

    I dont think so :grin: :LOL: . I value our marraige to much..... for now :LOL:
  7. Awesome!! I can't wait to go for a ride on a big bike when my restrictions finish next month! Well done chickbabe. :grin: