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Wobble & Weave

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by mattb, Sep 11, 2013.

  2. Is this for real? Or just an attempt to discourage speeding in the 70's.
  3. What the...

    If its real the only legit things I can think of is something to do with crossply tyres, or ridiculously bad geometry (lowered in the front)?
  4. I get the hi-speed one on the tard when ever going over 180, its not very fun
  5. In my experience the hi speed stuff tends to be caused by the wind causing you to make slight steering inputs. You can mimic it a slower speeds by sort of shaking the bars.
    pretty much it's just head-shake caused by the wind.
  6. Definitely a front end issue. Bugger all integrity on the forks mostly I think. Principally lack of restriction to one degree of freedom, forks that are way too soft and really bad damping. Add on a few other factors - not enough weight over the front and sufficient speed - and bam, hello resonance.
  7. Oh, it's real alright.

    Now that bikes of the 70s are revered as "classics" and rarely thrashed it tends to be forgotten just how bad they were. Bendy frames, inadequate swingarm bearings, rubbish shocks and spindly, unbraced forks all contributed. Shit build and material quality on the part of the Japanese (oh yes) also helped things along by ensuring that shocks and forks that were rubbish when they left the factory were completely shot inside 10-15000 miles. 70s tyres weren't up to much either, particularly the OEM Bridgestones and Jokohamas. Not that the Japanese were alone. As illustrated, the Norton Commando and BMW boxer could also be made to do it.

    That said, until things got really extreme it tended to look worse than it was and it's remarkable how easy it is to get used to occupying an entire lane if you're pressing on a bit. However, some bikes, like the Kwak triple shown, particularly with a bit of wear on them, could go from a relatively stable weave to a full blown tankslapper without any real warning. Now that did get exciting on occasion.
  8. Love the commentary. Definately one up for the fat bastards amongst us ;)
  9. well it seems to me, what we have here is a failure to communicate...
    Doesnt anyone get it? ?

    the message is simple, dont be greedy and selfish, if you wanna have fun speeding, take a friend along and everyone can be happy :)
  10. You can be glad your tard doesn't head north of $2.20 - have just ordered a steering damper for the SMT (yeah, yeah I know, it's not a REAL tard :shifty: ).
    Bumpy back straight on our local track....yehaaaah!!!
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  11. As someone who's ridden at excessive speeds on both an R75 - with police fairing and an R90S I have never had that problem at any speeds. My bother in law raced an R75/5 and never had that problem. Although the R75 never liked crosswinds while it had the fairing.

    That's not to say it never happens but it's not merely weight. My ex sister-in-law used to ride as well and she was five foot two and skinny. She never had a problem on BMWs. Nortons would have problems if the isolastic engine mounts were not right and the first XS1 Yamahas were truly lethal. 80 miles an hour and they would not o much wobble and weave as flick the ridr off. The ACT police used them and had real problems. Fork braces and aftermarket steering dampers worked..
  12. Yeh MacPark's back straight could do with a resurface, the boy's on the big bikes get scared going down there at full pelt, I don't blame them
  13. Yep I was holding off getting a damper til I could get the KTM to a track day to see how it went - $600 seemed a bit much just to settle down the wheelies.
    Went online as soon as I got home from the track and ordered one.
    Modded LC8 gives a good jump start out of turn 7, it has great brakes and would probably get to 190+ down the straight if I wasn't sh*tting myself at 170.
    When you're over 50yo, takes longer to heal, and it is no longer considered "exciting and challenging" when threatened with a tank slapper @ 200:(
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