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Witty Plates - Any Suggestions?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Seamus, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Hello forum, :)

    I am not the most imaginative person in the world so I was wondering if anyone can help me think of a combination of numbers and letters for my bike plate.

    At the moment my plate is USA##. I'm riding a Japanese cruiser which make this a bit of a silly plate in my opinion. I was thinking of "JAP##" or "NIP##" or "##JAP" etc. I think I am allowed to precede the letters with two digits.

    I am in the Southern Cross Cruiser Club so I suppose I could get "SCC##" but this is a bit of a boring combination for a plate I reckon.

    Any tips or suggestions? :)

    Thank you. :)

    Seamus (Turtle)
  2. well are you a "nip" or "jap"? cause you'd look a bit silly having that then pulling off the helmet to show a fat aussie white guy with glases
  3. Being a bear of very little brain, I'm no good at stuff like this. But I might have a solution...

    You know when you go to buy a lotto ticket, and you can't be arsed remembering your numbers? You can get a quickpick (I imagine that they have something similar in the NSW lotto).

    You can do the same with numberplates! How cool is this? If you can't think of a clever word to put on your bike, THEY'LL GIVE YOU A RANDOM SET OF NUMBERS AND LETTERS! Whoever thought this up was a pharkin' genius, coz it save Mr Thickies like me from having to work out tricky SMS-style words for our plates.

    Thank god, cos otherwise I'd have a plate that says N0 1D3A
  4. #1 - Check with the RTA as to whether you're allowed to have any numbers preceeding letters. You certainly can not in Victoria (but that really means nothing) I've just been through this in Victoria

    #2 - I wouldn't be at all surprised if you will not be allowed to have "NIP" at all, borderline offensive.

    #3 - How about :

  5. I'm not Japanese. Sometimes I kinda want to "pay homage" to the Japs. They make good bikes. :) :D

    Well, I AM a fat white guy, but I don't use glasses. :) My extremely attractive Adonis-like face is my Avatar. :)

    "TURTL" would be cool but only three letters are allowed...I think. I'll go check.

    Where is that auto-pick thingy for number plates? :) Is this a Victorian thing? In NSW there is an RTA web page where a person can choose the plate they'd like and it shows them if the plate they chose is available and alternatives.

    Thank you for the response. :)
  6. You could go a species of turtle, say
    BOX or
  7. not eactly witty ... best i could manage

    heya Seamus,

    Custom/Personalised Plates are just dumb if they require an explanation.
    they should either be easily understood by anyone,
    or should have a special meaning to an enlightened few.

    that said,
    you guys in NSW have very few options for your m/c plates,
    here are some suggestions;


    the above have been vetted and deemed acceptable using;
  8. Man! That suck massive amounts of it!!! I've been planning on getting GOOSE as my plate. Dammit! Damn NSW! Damn it all to hell! :evil:
  9. I've always wanted "4Q2 or 4QTWO" but figure i would never get it.
    My step daughter works for VicRoads so if you like send me your list
    and I'll get her to check it out for ya.

    What about "RICER" or "STHX"
  10. Why not GOO53?
  11. YES! Thats an awesome idea Firefling! Thanks man! :D :D :D
  12. i have a working theory on personalised plates, and so far i've been 100% on the mark.

    You are more likely to pulled over with personalised plates, BC they stand out amounst a crowd, i've been i a few rides with other bikes with us all 'playing' and at the end of the run there was a nice little 'candy car' waiting for us..... the guy that had the personalised plate got booked each time , the rest of us just got warnings.
    And why ? bc the officer that observed the indiscretion could only identify the personalised plate not all the regular plates mixed in together !

    So as much as i'd like to put one on mine bike, i have enough trouble as it is without drawing more attention to myself .

    :? :)
  13. man? Man?! MAN??!! :shock: Did somebody knock me out and gave me a sex change?? :LOL: :LOL: :p :LOL: :LOL: I hope not, I have lotsa fun being a woman :twisted: :twisted: :p :twisted: :twisted:
  14. oh yeah Flings definatly ALL WOMAN !
    no man would have an arse like hers , she even looks good in all leather , and im not just talking about her bike stuff either

    :D :p :twisted:

  15. you're allowed a combination of any 5 letters or numbers as long as it's not already taken....... to have just 3 characters will actually cost you more.... I cant remember how much more tho :p
  16. How about "PLATE"
  17. Yeah, not bad, but I'd like to see "BLANK" :D
  18. "BLANK" is cool. I would like anything along those lines. Its difficult to get one minus the cheese. Another good one for a bike might be (with a hint of cheese) "SEEYA".
  19. How about "WANKR", that's pretty much how they all read to me anyway. :LOL: :LOL: :wink: :p