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Witnessing Abuse In Public - What Would You Do?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by snuff3r, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Sadly, i've seen this sort of thing occur far too often. Mostly when I lived out west, not so much since I moved to the inner city.

  2. Sadly unless its someone you have a vested interest in ie your child, partner, mate.. Or someone clearly disadvantaged eg. age/physically disabled.. Its hard to justify the risk getting involved..

    20 years ago you would step up no question, couple of blokes fist fight it out no worries.. But these days the kids have got a real viscous edge to them and the stakes are so much more dangerous.. You could be stabbed, or gang bashed 20 minutes later once his mates roll up. The other thing too is they dont stop once you are beat, they'll keep bashing, kicking your head until you have brain injuries or your dead..

    It's a different world now, and it isnt worth being a hero anymore..
  3. I just feel so much embarrassment every time I hear how racist Australia is. I used to try and defend it, but unfortunately we have too many yobbos like this who keep letting us all down. So disappointing.
  4. I've done it, several times, but, sadly, I find myself agreeing with SammyA; as I have said in 'Road Rage' threads, who knows that drugs people are on, or have been taking for years, what they have in their pockets, and whether or not they have mates who are even worse?

    Ethically, spiritually, morally and in every other way I'm all for sticking up for the underdog, but so many Good Samaritans have been bashed or worse in recent years it makes you think twice....

    gobberwart I don't think this case is a racist issue; I think it's a lunatic/druggo/sociopath issue....
  5. Do some research into what the Psychs call 'Bystander Intervention'
    Makes for interesting reading
  6. With my flame suit firmly zipped up here:

    Is it that we are racist? Or is it that we have gotten so PC that we are sacrificing our own culture for fear of offending someone, and that this loss of who we are is begining to stir this resentment that is seen as racism?

    Eg. My sons school xmas concert was cancelled and replaced with an end of year concert, and all xmas carrols and references to Jesus removed and replaced with hip hop and african music so as not to offend any Muslim kids and families.. So we are now at the point we are soo PC my kids cannot celebrate or discuss xmas within school..

    This is what we have become in this country, at some point there is going to be a breaking point.. perhaps we are nearly there?
  7. I hate to have to say this, but this is what police are for. They have the authority to over-rule the 'opinion vs opinion' bullshit in such a situation.

    OT, but I was far more disturbed by the guy pushing the pram who invited her to step off the tram and be mutilated. If he's prepared to say or do that in public, what's he like with his partner and kids in private?
  8. I really hope these idiots are embarrassed by being portrayed in such a negative light on social media and the news..
    Shame can be a powerful motive for changing your ways.
  9. Yep It usually only takes one or two to stand up to get others to follow.

    Having said that....singing on a bus is annoying in any language.... no excuse though.
  10. "Don't sing a song in your own language... speak english or die!"

    Yeah, that's racist.

    I'm quite surprised to hear of a school that's banned celebration and discussion of Christmas (as opposed to xmas which isn't actually a thing that has any cultural significance). Which school was that?
  11. You should never have to think twice. You do what is right, its what makes us decent human beings.
  12. My son's school has done the opposite, to some extent. They don't allow any religious stuff into the school but they still celebrate and learn about all the differing cultures and events - Muslim, Jewish, Chinese, Mexican, Christian, etc.

    As someone who firmly believes in separation of state and church i think this is the best answer - celebrate them all, let the kids learn that there is a world out there that is vastly different to just your own culture.
  13. Would I step in if the abuse was purely verbal. Probably not. As others have said you don't know what the other people are carrying and best not to escalate it.

    However, if someone was being physically harmed, yes I would.
  14. Helps to be a physically fit, trained martial arts expert. Sometimes "coming home to your family alive" is what's right.
  15. Violent crime is actually lower than it has been in the past. I don't believe at all that things are more risky these days or that kids are a lot worse. People have been saying that about kids since the dawn of time.

    Anyway, I have always intervened in situations like this or just generally people being inconsiderate like smoking on trains. Most of the time people like that are cowards and if you call them out on stuff they will back down, only been hit once though have been threatened numerous times (including by a guy who was hitting his girlfriend at Boronia station, they both threatened it actually) . That was when I tried to stop a guy doing a runner after he reversed into a car, he hit me and took my phone. Well dressed guy in a Mercedes too.
  16. The problem with getting involved in something like this is you are probably going to make things worse.

    Take a brawl at a football match for example, 2 people can fight without turning into a full on brawl. The second a player from either side tries to get involved, even if just trying to calm down the situation, everyone jumps in.
  17. Verbally I wouldn't bother but physically I would.

    From my experience getting involved in a verbal as a outsider usually escalates into violence. Especially if it's a domestic, they will both turn on you, I've seen that plenty of times.

    As for the guys on the bus I hope they are publicly shamed I'm sure someone will sort them out next time they're down at the pub.
  18. What is this "bus" thing of which you speak?
  19. Unfortunately there are also those that would buy them a beer next time they're down at the pub.
  20. I've had a windscreen kicked in for trying to intervene, so personally I wouldn't step in. Police handle these things best.