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Witnessed Motorbike Accident Today

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by dane75, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. In the car in Melbourne with my brother today waiting to turn right and there was a guy on a bike in the left lane and we are stopped at the lights. I commented to my brother that he is game only wearing blundstones instead of riding boots etc and the lights turn green and we start to head off. Heard an almighty crunch and looked up and saw the bike spinning off the side of the road up ahead. We pulled over and go to help - a car had come out from a side street without looking and smacked straight into him and he had gone over the bonnet. Luckily he wasn't in a pool of blood or badly mangled but was just laying there not moving. I asked him where he was hurt and he said his back. Made sure he didn't move and that nobody else tried to move him and turned his bike off as the engine was still running and there was petrol spilled out everywhere. Front wheel and forks where broken so you couldn't stand it up and wheel it away. The knob jockey car driver stands in the petrol and tries to light a smoke. Cops and ambulance were called and a few of us were trying to ask the guy a few questions to see what state he was in. He didn't know his name or age but was answering some other basic questions. Cops and ambulance arrived pretty quick and took him off and got statements off everyone. I hope he is alright but it highlights the need to wear better protective gear, he had draggins and a basic leather jacket on but no built in padding or anything. Hopefully his back is alright, he was able to move his feet and fingers etc so he should be.

  2. :shock:

    How incredibly ****ing stupid
  3. FFS does every thread on Netrider have to be about ATGATT?
  4. I only made one reference to it in the post mate, whole thread wasn't about it
  5. every post would have a note about atgatt because almost every one, someone gets horridly mangled, and its primarily because they LACKED ATGATT!

    Or a story about how they WOULD have been horridly mangled if it wasnt FOR ATGATT!

    The OPs post wasn't on gear. most posts highlight it though because its SO DARN TRUE! It can (and does) save ya skin.
  6. Was watching a cop chase on youtube where the guy on as the cop said pos bike, cause he could keep up with it.
    Decided to run instead of pull over then he went down a dirt track as he was too slow to outrun the cops.
    The track had old tires dumped in the middle of it halfway along and the guy went straight into them.
    They showed his leg snapped right above the ankle with the bone sticking out of the skin.
    Really drove home the message that i need to get some proper boots that protect the ankle, only thing im lacking at the moment.
  7. One at the beginning and one at the end of your post, so two references. Nothing about paying attention to side streets though. Even more frustrating is the fact that he was actually wearing gear??

    When I witnessed a motorcycle t-bone a car at an intersection and helped the rider and his pillion, I didn't even think about gear. It did note that riding through a red light can seriously mess you up, however.
  8. gee sorry mate, I should have checked with you before posting first huh. I never said ATGATT I commented that his gear never really provided enough protection, I also never said anything about what he should have done to avoid the crash. I wasnt making the gear the prime focus of the thread, I was simply posting something I saw today that was completely out of the ordinary. I don't wanna castigate the rider too much as he is quite likely in hospital somewhere right now feeling pretty damn sorry for himself.
  9. The OP made a corrwct post, he made no assumptions about what the rider should and should not have done just posted the facts as he was directly involved in the incident.
    Any assumption about what the rider should and should not have done is not up to any of us to speculate and no more arguments about this, or this thread gets pulled.
  10. i hope the guys ok and i hope the driver somehow suffers for his negligence, however unlikely.

    but to be bluntly honest, if i read these unfortunate posts... i do want detail.
    and the reference to what the rider was wearing is as relevent as any other details i think.

    because when i read these posts i think "how could i have survived this, or avoided this, or be better prepared for this etc etc?

    and what the rider was wearing and whether or not it was any benefit in the event, is part of that.
  11. i really like paragraphs so i can read things more easily.

    hope he's okay, not knowing name etc is pretty serious :(
  12. The right gear will save your skin (and a lot of pain) - but not much else. ATTGATT does not prevent broken arms, legs, ribs or pelvis or any other of the serious injuries that can happen.

    Body armour may protect your elbows and knees if you hit directly and back protectors are some help however most limb and back injuries are due to sideways flexing not direct impact.

    In this case the leather jacket and the draggins would have saved his skin.

    The issue with boots such as Blundstones are that they come off if you crash at speed. They also have no ankle protection. However in this type of urban crash they will usually give some protection and will probably save your toes.
  13. It's not great, but having woken up on the tarmac in the same state myself once, and wobbled out of hospital that same afternoon, I can testify that it's not necessarily that bad.

    In my case my memory came back in dribs and drabs over the next couple of hours. Still can't remember the impact itself, although the bus company colours ground into the top of my helmet offered a clue :D.