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Witnessed an accident this morning.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Undertaker666, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Saw a nasty accident this morning which could have been much much worse.
    Corner Foster St & Lonsdale St, Dandenong at 7.50am. There are 2 lanes to turn left onto Lonsdale St (Princess Hwy), I am in the right turning lane behind a truck with two trailers attached. In the left lane is a motorcycle. We are all waiting to turn left, but have a red left arrow and are just waiting for that.
    However, the truck driver didn’t want to wait anymore and started turning against the red arrow. But instead of staying in his lane, he cut across the left lane where the motorcycle is still stationary (we still have the red arrow). At this stage the rider beeped his horn, but the truck kept going and the wheels on one of the trailers started running over the bike. The rider somehow got out of the way of the wheels and landed on the nature strip. If he had hesitated for a few more seconds, he would have been under the wheels as well.
    As soon as this happened, I blocked off that lane with my car and jumped out to see if he was hurt. Apart from mild shock and a sh!tload of adrenaline going through him, he said he was ok. I then helped him move the bike as peak hour traffic was starting to bank up.
    By this stage the truck drive came over and stated the usual “Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You”. I then called 000 (about 8am) and then after 50 questions, the stated that cops should be there shortly ( Dandenong Police Station is about 150 meters from accident site). At 8.30am, called again, went through the same questions and was told Police on the way. At 9am, the rider called 000 and the Police stated, because no one was hurt, there has been no violence etc, etc. ect, they would not be arriving.
    By now the rider who worked just up the road at a motorcycle dealership called on e of the guys who came over and we put the bike in the ute. Gave him my business card and am more than happy to be his witness.
    It just goes to show you that no matter how careful you are, sh!t can happen and a few seconds of hesitation could mean the difference between life and death.

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  2. Yeah and cops either don't have time or don't give a sh&it if they can get out of it....
  3. im surprised they didn't rush to the scene and shoot the truck driver .... thats the way we do it in NSW.. Shoot first then ask Questions
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  4. Could the bike be ridden away?
    Obviously not, in which case the cops are negligent.
    Or just lazy cunts - I can never work out which...
  5. Yes very bad intersection that .

    Good for you helping the rider well done :)
  6. Good on'ya mate... imagine if you weren't helpful, and he didn't have a witness to stand by him..truck driver might have tried to spin all sorts of excuses to get out of being held responsible. Glad the rider seems ok!
  7. Run out of bullets in Victoria.
  8. You're a good person.
    Im sure the rider appreciates your help.
  9. NK, now now now, you KNOW that you are talking about a multi purpose orafice [c*nts], so how can you compare?
    I mean when was the last time you saw a naked woman shoot a tazer at a guy holding a packet of biscuits?
  10. Yet they seem to have no issue with allocating resources for the collection of revenues froom speeding and lane splitting operations.......
  11. It's not the fault of the Police really. It's just that Dunkin Donuts had a "buy 1 get 1 free" at the time. What would you do, get free donuts or help a tax payer who is paying your salary?
    And yes, I am being sarcastic.
  12. Truck driver was already trying to weasel out of it even while I am there. He even made the comment that I would be bias because I am a rider as well. Didn't have the heart to tell him that I have a V5 250cc which should really be classified as a scooter. Anyway, if I am called up, I can only repeat what I saw and in no way was it the fault of the rider.
  13. WTF..how can you be biased?

    You saw him run the bike over and almost the guy sitting on it..FFS

    So by chance if you drove trucks for a living would the truck driver expect you to side with him???? WHAT A FUCKSTICK
  14. Want the appropriate attention given to arseholes like the truckdriver? Repeat after me:

    "Hello 000, yes I've just been hit by another vehicle while stationary on my motorcycle. Is anyone hurt? YES, I seem to have sprained my ankle while leaping for safety. My motorcycle is unrideable and I don't think I can get to a doctor to get checked out by myself. Yes, I guess you should send the Police as well to take statements."

    Also if you're on your way too or from work you would be covered by Workcover so report the incident to them. If nothing else they will track down the business the Truckie belongs to and his premiums will probably increase.

    Or just punch the Truckie, then the Police will come and if they try to charge you with assault any basic solicitor should be able to get you off due to provocation.

    Please note, I'm no law talking guy so you may want to consult with someone that know's what they are doing before following any of the above so called advice!
  15. It's funny. When 000 was called the third time, because no one was hurt, the rider did not kick the living sh!t out of the truck driver and because we did the right thing and moved the bike off the road so traffic could flow again, the Police could not give a flying fck.
    Yet if I was doing 63 kph in a 60 zone, they would appear out of nowhere and give me not only a fine, but also a lecture of the dangers of speeding.
    No wonder most people see the Police Force as a joke.
  16. Why would the police get involved? What would you want them to do, if nobody is hurt, there's no traffic flow problems, no Hazmat, fire blah blah there's nothing they can do.

    They have more than enough on their plates as it is. Exchange details, contact your insurer and move over for the Melbourne rat race.
  17. Well perhaps they could charge the driver, he crushed a bike because he was running a red light arrow. Imagine the uproar if it had been a kitten on the road!
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  18. i have a mate who rides a gixxer and drives trucks for a living. B doubles if i'm not wrong.

    wonder whose side he would have taken :eek:
  19. Truck driver ran a red light and caused an accident. Yes no one got hurt but the truck driver could have been charged for negligent driving. Also when getting insurers involved, it is much easier if there is a police report to give them. That could have been a disaster, but you know, catching someone GST over the limit that hasn't caused any harm nor damage is more important.
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  20. I had a similar thing happen to me yonks ago. I was stationary (in a container terminal), truck on my right pulled in front and hard turned left. Just about ripped the RHS fender off the car. (And it was the GM's car too - the run-about was out).

    I take notice of these signs now:


    I've also had container doors open onto me whilst a truck was cornering (I was stationary) - missed the windscreen by inches. Scary stuff.

    If I'm on the bike, I just stay the fuck away from the bastards...
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