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Witnessed a rear ender today - learned another lesson

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by TRA, May 26, 2012.

  1. Not really my near miss, but still. Went out for a ride with a mate today, on the way home we split cause I needed to buy some hinges from the hardware store. I got a red right arrow, mate kept riding through the green. Sitting there waiting, I know the light sequence well at this intersection. Red light comes on, all other traffic goes, then green arrow comes on, yay I get to go. Here a beep from a horn, look over, see a blue boulevard waiting for green light, see a car accelerating toward him then bang, rear ender.

    Well, i dont get how it happened, but I saw it all. His partner was pillion, not sure exactly how she got hurt but was not good. Freaked me out a bit, but I pulled out in the middle of the traffic to help. I did a first aid course specifically because I had come across 2 riders who had come off, now a third. Well the first aid course paid off, cause I did all the right stuff this time!

    Anyway, I learned a new lesson today after 10 short years of riding 2 wheels. Next time I stop and am at the lights, I shall stop to either side of where any car might stop.

    Still shaking my head in disbelief, 12 hours on. Lost a couple of mates on bikes now, its freaked me out a bit.

  2. Hi TRA, A bit of a freak out. Not sure stopping out of the normal field of view of a following driver is right either though. I would be concerned they would fixate on the centre of the lane and completely ignore you off to one side. You are obviously still shaken from the incident.
  3. also leave it in gear and check mirrors regularly...I have had to run a red light to get out of the way of some dumb biatch putting on her makeup... all I saw were the lights bearing down on me from behind and the scream of locked up tyres, quick look across the intersection and I was off. When her car stopped she was halfway through the intersection, I reckon she would have nailed me at about 40k's.

    If I'm at the front of the lights I'm always checking mirrors until at least a few cars are between me and slowing traffic, if I'm in the pack I split. It only takes seeing it happen to others or having a near miss yourself to get you into this habit.
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  4. Good on you for doing what you could.
    I don't get how the horn came into it. The car that did the rear ender honked and then ran into the bike? If so, that time honking could have been saved for stopping. Maybe ok if it was a brake failure from a way back and used as a warning. Why in hell would it have been accelerating?
    Hope you settle down from it soon - would shake anyone up.
  5. Mental note: stay away from TRA.
  6. Slightly off topic.
    Travelling up stud rd last night, just crossed over wellington, in the left lane. Young female driver in the right. Light went red, I start to slow. In the right hand turn lane was an illuminated KEEP LEFT arrow...and a road worker in high vis & reflective gear crossing the road. Cager was still travelling at the same speed, she wasnt stopping, I started flashing my lights at the guy crossing, he stopped, she floated straight through the red, missing him by half a lane. Caught up with her a few sets of lights later. Calmy wound down the window, she asked what was the problem was. I explained what she had done, her response "Oh my gosh, I didnt even know." Conditions were wet, but it wasnt raining, visibility was fine, and she wasnt on the phone. I clearly remember looking at her as she went past and she was staring straight ahead, and seeing the look on the roadworkers face as she sailed right through at around 80klm. Maybe an over reaction on my part, but honestly I have never felt so sick. Im not naieve, I know drivers run the reds etc, but this was the first time I had seen it with my own eyes This shit gets us killed.

    Watch your mirrors, look around, be aware and understand just because you have a green doesnt make you safe.
  7. i think another car was on the horn to try and stop the driver hitting the bike, not sure.

    [MENTION=15411]Bamm-Bamm[/MENTION], not sure having the bike in gear would have helped at all in this case. They traffic was turning across the road (ie two green arrows on from either direction). Old mate was lucky he was shunted in front of one of the turning cars.
  8. What was their excuse?
  9. The escape route in this scenario would be for the bike to go left with the traffic.

    Therefore, best stopping position probably L wheel track, otherwise you'd be turning in front of the red light running cage.

    Another possible option would be to go through on the amber (assuming that was possible) rather than strictly following the road (cage) rules.

    Reminds me to watch mirrors and plan escapes obsessively (like who doesnt do that already?)

    Thanks for posting, good lesson
  10. To add to bamm's post, if you're first at a red stop short a couple of meters. That at least gives you some room to start moving one way or the other. Same deal if you stop behind a car in the queu. Leave yourself get out of the way room.

    Chicken, that's a scary story.

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  11. Not sure. I went straight to help rider and pillion. Lady who was driving the car called ambo and then stayed at the side of the road. Soon as emergency services turned up I just waited on the other side of road cause the police wanted a statement from me. I can only imagine they say the green arrow and just nailed it by accident. The rider said he had moved off the line but stopped again, I did not see that part but maybe the driver saw him go and decided it was time too.

    A member of one of the local outlaw MC clubs stopped to help too, really nice bloke. Had to chuckle though, as soon as the po po were mentioned he said he had to go!! He helped us life the bike out of the way.
  12. always(y)

    it also gives the impression to the cager behind you that you like your space around you.
    intersecions are killing fields. tolerate no shit at them. look around and make it clear you are checking them out.
    especially monitor the cage tard behind you with sharp looks in your mirror.
    whilst stopped you are in a safer position to confront shit before it happens.
    open your visor. eye contact.
    all the cagers are trying to kill you. believe it.
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  13. ...I can only imagine they say the green arrow and just nailed it by accident....

    The old false go on the green arrow when it's not your place to go... That's one of the reasons that I stop between cars when I filter to the front...

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  14. I really dislike sitting in the middle of a road at a Red light with a huge target painted on my back.I scan the mirrors and pump the front brake to make the brake light flash,I do the same thing when traffic suddenly slows on expressways.ANYTHING to get sleepy drivers attention.100% respect for doing the first aid thing,the g biggest hurdle is overcoming the fear of doing more harm,I have seen some really stupid attempts from untrained types that watch cars explode in films.First Aid when the pros are coming quick is so easy and everyone should do the courses that rides,good chance it will come in handy.
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  15. [MENTION=31454]TRA[/MENTION] Good work on the first aid. Could you fill us in on what you did for the benefit of others? You might get a few tips from some others here with first aid certs and the like.
  16. when ever i sit at traffic light i keep the bike reving to about 2.5k ilde is about 1.5k and the clutch just at that point where it is ready to go at a monent notice i know it will wear my clutch out faster but i would rather have a ****ed clutch then a ****ed bike and body and it has saved my ass at less once i can think of
  17. Glad you were able to help them out, AND can be a witness.

    Don't worry about being disconcerted. It'll help help keep you alive, and alert to the cars behind you.
    Use it to your advantage.
  18. That can have a reverse effect though, when you're stopping at the lights people judge based off the space you have in front. If you slow for the lights and stop metres short of the line it causes a disruption in the flow of braking behind which if you're unlucky could cause you to be rear ended.

    I exercise the use of short stopping sparingly in situations where the space might be vital depending on the behaviour of traffic behind, in areas where there's no space between the white line and crossing traffic, or in really bad conditions (rain etc), but I certainly wouldn't be doing it every set of lights I stop at, you're more likely to be hit than avoid a collision by doing so.
  19. Um what??? 3m is going to get me rammed?? Seriously? ?

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  20. Quite potentially yes. If there's someone behind and they're slowing down assuming you'll stop near the line, like most people do, and you stop 3m short what do you think is going to happen. Either a) they'll hit you, or (and this is the one we hope) b) they'll realise and brake hard to stop, which could prevent you being hit but may cause an accident further back. I say this from (viewing) experience, I've watched it happen on many an occasion.

    I'm talking more in a sense of when you're in traffic, rather than on your own then someone coming down behind later, but hey if your in any of our capital cities, I doubt you've got the road to yourself.