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Witness to Idiocy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ryan_a, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. I just saw a guy ride past my house on an Aprilla RS-125 (or 250)... with no helmet, and no shirt, and no shoes. He was only wearing shorts. Well, he may have been wearing shoes but I didn't see any.

  2. Mate, you were more likely witness to a theft.
  3. Hm, you might be right. Though our street isn't a thoroughfare or anything, and it snakes, so unless the bloke was taking it for a joyride after stealing it, then, yeah I dunno.

    Because it might be a theft, do you reckon I should report it?
  4. That or someone up the road who is making a few quick adjustments to the bike and thought nothing of giving it a squirt around the block because he thought he could get away with it.
  5. If I'm highly confident there'll be no cops around (home in Nyah, suburban back streets, the Uni's large campus) I'll take every chance I can to ride without a helmet. Give it a go - it feels great!

    (Though I should add that, were there no helmet laws, still I'd still wear a full-face most of the time...but it is fun to feel the wind in your hair cruising 30km/hr for a quiet short jaunt).
  6. +1
  7. You should go and report it ... either way.
    If the bike is stolen, then at least the cops can call the owner and let them know, if not, then the cops can harass him for being an idiot.
  8. +1 i test rode my bike without a helmet on private property. felt really good. but wouldnt want to go faster than 30
  9. Yeah, I regularly tune my bike without a shirt, shoes and jump on to rip around the burbs in my speedo's. :LOL:
  10. *sob* yeah, it's orrite for some :(

    bwhahahahahha, hair is for imperfect heads anyway ;)
  11. if ive been tinkering, i always test ride it without a helmet if i can, since you are more likely to hear something amis with the bike without it on. im normally wearing overalls but...

    when i was a kid (16, 17 or so) working stock in my summer holidays we wouldnt have dreamt about wearing helmets, on the bikes or on the horses.
  12. wasn't me
    though i do have a habit of doing this when i'm up at the beachhouse.
    it's like having sex without a condom. the possible consequences are fcuking DIRE but it feels so damn good

    what's all the fuss anyway? it's his head, he can pile it into the ground however he damn well wants
    no-one likes a dobber
  13. 30 km/h is more than fast enough for a blow to teh head to be fatal..........
    How hard is it to put a helmet on?

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. I just saw the same guy ride past my place. This time with a helmet (but in singlet and shorts - no leathers). Looks like someone's got a new toy :) The bike looks brand new.

    And I can't help but sit here and be jealous while I wait for mine to arrive! Peh.

    As for riding without a helmet in general, I believe in liberty and if I want to ram my head into some ashfelt at 30km/hr then that's my business... But on a practical note I'm more worried about the kind of legislation that could be introduced because of these kinds of people (i.e. his head, but our rights get affected when bureaucrats introduce more laws because of their acts, then it's my problem). So while his head is his business it's still having an effect on riders everywhere else.

    I'm sure this topic has been covered a million times in this forum so, my apologies if I start something :)
  15. ....and losing it simply turns you into a solar powered sex machine! :LOL:
  16. If you believe in Liberty then shut the hell up about it. And people not wearing helmets isn't going to bring in any new legislation. There's already legislation that says "Wear a helmet, dummy"
  17. I'm talking about legislation like the anti-hoon legislation brought in because of wankers doing burn-outs.

    My mate got his car confiscated for accidentally spinning his inside wheel to move out of the way of another bloke who didn't see him (and was about to t-bone him).

    He fought the charges in court, and won. But he was still without his car for 48 hours.

    So despite it all being a bit of fun, stuff like this does cause annoyance to others.

    P.S. Liberty also includes right to free speech. I'll say what I want, thanks.
  18. If this is idiocy I saw heaps of it tonight while dining at our favorite Italian restaurant in Lygon Street. Lots of guys and their pillions out enjoying the beautiful weather crusing in and around the streets of MEL wearing not much more than shorts, t-shirts and in some cases, sandals or thongs.

    I prefer to wear shoes at least, because of the mere fact that it hurts my toes to change gears in thongs...
  19. No helmets on Lygon Street? :shock: Damn, I need to get out more often... :)
  20. Nice editing, fair call too.

    Regards, Andrew.