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Without prejudice or malice?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, May 22, 2012.

  1. How would this go if it was said about a Sudanese?

    ..or a Muslim?

    ..or a <insert minority group here>

    ..or heaven forbid....the popo

  2. Hmmmm, only a very small margin over 0.05.

    Is the evidentiary test machine considered 100% accurate by magistrates?

    Perhaps, praise allah, give the man the means to eat some pork so that he defiles his body only and not other road users.
  3. Am I missing something, chef? He was over the limit by a little, and over the speed limit by a huge margin.... where's the problem with the report? How else could you report it? 'A person on an indeterminate vehicle was apprehended on an unnamed street after being detected doing an unspecified number of kays over the limit, and being tested as being an unspecified amount over the blood/alcohol limit'???

    I know it's just waking up time, but I can't see a problem.....
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  4. Car speeders/hoons don't get the poetry. Have a look on VicPol news and you'll see a slightly different reporting style when speeding motorcyclists make the VicPol news.
  5. It's the headline.
  6. if the headline read, you give (insert minority group here) a bad name. as opposed to you give riders a bad name.
  7. At first glance, the heading almost reads like it was written by a motorcyclist.

    I mean, if you rode a bike and your boss told you to report on this item, what heading would you use? Motorist caught speeding & drinking perhaps?
  8. Lost your life and you're to blame People smugglers just take your pay.
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    Am I the only one who got the [URL="
    ]Bon Jovi[/URL] reference? I thought it was amusing, in an 80s hair-metal manner. Lighten up, Francis ;)
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  10. Chef, I see your point, but is it a bad thing?

    You'd never see the headline "...gives drivers a bad name" as the presumption is that everyone's a driver.

    But we are special. We are a sub set of road users that they don't understand. And while that carries some pitfalls and risks (both on the road and off it), I kind of like that we are seen that way.

    Only riders understand why we do what we do, and I'm ok if we're the only ones who get it.
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  11. it states he was taken to a police station where the evidentiry test was done.

    hmm not a prelim test, but a dinkum test at the station.

    dont see where he has any grounds to complain. cop it sweet, and dont do it again?
  12. YAWN....

    The guy was pissed and speeding. Move on.
  13. Correction, legally above the maximum allowed BAC for driving. A BAC of 0.055 is hardly pissed. Many other jurisdictions allow 0.08.
  14. So we're all drink-riding speedfreaks, huh? Is that what they're trying to say here?
    If I could think like a cager, I imagine that's what I might think...

    But being a rider, does this mean I need to accept I'm automatically a criminal too?
    Or am I supposed to decry this rider's actions and put a call out for all of us to become more law-abiding, more compliant?

    If you can't see the line that has been drawn here...
  15. The report itself is rather factual and straight (which suggests it was written by a rider as someone else said). The title pretty much immediately had me playing the song in my head. All it needed was honey after the comma. Chances are it was on the radio at the time.

    Otherwise I thought the proper method for determining bac was through a blood test, the tube breath test only gives an approximate reading at best.
  16. Actually no....that's not what the title is saying at all. Its saying he's creating that impression. Its not saying that's what you ARE. Its giving him a tut tut naughty boy for making everyone think that's what you are.

    If you look for negativity you find it everywhere.

    Sometimes its just horses...
  17. But this rider has given us ALL a bad name Aly - it must be true, because I read it in the newspaper!
    And I've NEVER read a headline quite like it, where a car driver was involved...

    If you want most people to think we're all criminals, you don't just come out and state it, do you?
    No. You suggest it, allude to it, until the general population thinks they have decided we're all criminals.

    Mark my words: the line was drawn a little while ago, and they're lining up on their side of it.
    And the time is coming where we'll all have to decide which side of it WE stand on.
  18. at least they didn;t use the Bon Jovi song 'Dead or Alive' as a reference
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  19. So the issue is more that the public is stupid, badly educated and cant actually comprehend something properly rather than what is actually written?

    This I would I agree with.
  20. Where is the quote in the OP from?