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Without Netrider, I wouldn't have...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fuzzy, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Burnt my lunch :roll: :wink:

    What has Netrider done for you?


  2. taken 400 million extra 5 minute breaks @ work to replace smoking by checking all these recent posts.
  3. an alternative to p0rn sites
  4. . . . . To post from a padded room.
  5. i was thinking the same thing. sharing is caring.
  6. Lived through my marriage separation... my new friends have helped me stay brave and sane! :grin:
    I also think I probably wouldn't have posted pictures of my butt on the internet without Netrider and wine as contributing factors :oops: :LOL:
  7. Without netrider you w
    Let me rephrase that for you-

    Without netrider you wouldn’t have shown us where your mother never kissed you :LOL:
  8. Well well...teaches you that you shouldn't drink and Netride! :LOL:
  9. LMAO! Yes there are things way more dangerous than drinking and driving! :LOL:
  10. read the same threads on teh same topics asked by different people everyday thinking "wow! what happened to the seach facility?"

    Plus 3/4 of my friends up here are from netrider....
  11. Awww shit, and i missed it :mad:
  12. search woodsy... use the search! only once you have mastered the search it will forever domiate your future.....

    christ i have got to stop watching starwars... :roll:
  13. without netrider I wouldn't have to rush around like a madman at work trying to catch up on what I missed out on doing.............................................. while I was on Netrider :facepalm: :tantrum:
  14. gone for my longest ride ever.....:shock:

    got my mum riled cause i spend every friday night out droolin over other pple's bikes.......:p

    watched a mate lose his bike :(

    found a place where i can share the good and the bad and not be judged :wink:

    met some really really really amazing pple :)

    got in trouble at work for violatin the code of business-related use of the interent :LOL:
  15. But I did use the search engine, I swear :shock: Didn't find anything.

    Thx for the responses guys, funeeeeee stuff :LOL:
    And some pretty moving stuff too :)
  16. ....shared some of the most interesting times in my life both good and bad with people that havent judged or mocked me in any way.

    ....told seany a big secret whilst under the influence of alcohol

    ....got a txt from a special netrider whilst visiting hell :)

    ....lost touch with my own damn forum :oops:

    ....had somewhere to spend my time instead of drinking bulk beer at the pubs when we live away from home

    ....remembered how much riding means to me

    .....posted this now ;)
  17. ...done as much riding as what I've done - due to the info and support from other riders here.

    ...ridden up north...esp for 2 wks! Much to do with reading other peoples diaries here of their long distance riding experience (please keep posting this stuff!) and positive feedback from members who supported the initial idea. :)

    ...met (and yet to meet) some friendly, welcoming and likeminded people who I now consider my friends. Also met some pretty amazing people who have made a big impression on my own life.

    ...'branched out'...stepped out of my comfort zone and attended parties where i didn't know a single soul..jumped on the back of bikes with complete and utter strangers...spent the weekend in a house at Cowes with three strange people....err..I mean 'strangers'... ;) :p

    ...been adopted!

    ...learnt what Energon is :LOL:

    ...a houseful of crazy people coming down for my housewarming! :woot:
  18. How does one answer such a question?

    ... learned all the new stuff I needed to know quickly after having been away from bikes for so long..

    ..ridden for 15 hours and had a total stranger offer me his hospitality, and so become a loved and valued friend..

    .. and proved again to myself the Scriptural command that a soft answer turns away wrath.... some of my best friends here were not so to begin with....

    Netrider has opened up for me another room in what was already a busy and satisfying and full 'house' of my life. It's a room that I didn't know existed, but which defies the negative image of Internet relationships.