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Without my bike for 3 weeks.. Hoping its back this week !!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by paulm_collins, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Well, after picking up my 2003 Triumph Sprint ST in May I was on top of the world........
    Its just such a fantastic bike and I was really proud of my choice.

    About a month ago, I had a couple of really tiny things that I wanted to get looked at as the bike came with a 3 month warranty so wanted to get them sorted out in time.

    So, 3 weeks ago I dropped it in and just happened to mention, on the offchance, that it didnt seem to be running particularly well. It wasnt bad, just every so often it might stall (only happened twice) but didnt seem to be running particularly well in 1st and 2nd gears.

    Well, this has now turned into a huge deal !!!!!

    So far, the sparkies have been replaced, investigated a possible faulty oxygen sensor (not the problem).....
    After various discussions with Triumph, it has now turned out to be a faulty head !
    The head has been sent off for reconditioning. This of course means new valves. Unfortunately, the repairers have been unable to source the valve guides, so these are being custom made........

    Ive been told that my bike should be back in 1 piece mid to late this week.....
    I really cant wait to get it back. Ive been getting the train to and from work every day (which I hate !!) but im just missing my ride soooo much !

    Im still in disbelief that a 4yr old bike, with only 20,000kms on the clock could have sustained this much damage........

    Still, I guess looking on the bright side, Im now getting a bike with basically a completely rebuilt engine that should last me a very long time.......

    But still doesnt make up for the rideless last 3 weeks...... :(
  2. Could be worse.

    Could have to pay for it...
  3. Thats very true !!

    At least its not costing me anything, I would imagine it would have got pretty damn expensive by now !!!!
  4. Yeah it sucks being bikeless. I've been without my bike for just over a week and I should be getting it back in about two hours.

    Unfortunately it's a bit late as I've already started biting myself like a monkey.
  5. It is a bummer for you but at least you had warranty and don't have to fork out.

    Don't know how long I'll be without a bike (wrote it off last Monday) and I don't know how long insurance will take to organise.

    Back at work this Thursday and it'll be on the train til I get my new ride.
  6. Re: Without my bike for 3 weeks.. Hoping its back this week

    you mean to say that Triumph don't make spares for a 4 year old bike?

    wouldn't be happy with that.
  7. Re: Without my bike for 3 weeks.. Hoping its back this week

    I think that they do, but theyre having trouble in sourcing them and they might even have to come from the UK.
    So to make it quicker, theyre getting them custom made !
  8. They could be taking it for joyrides and all that.
    Wouldn't surprise me.
  9. wouldnt happen to be red would it?
  10. LOL.....
    No, its blue !
  11. that sucks dude
  12. couldn't you just rent one from the dealers? i'm pretty sure most dealers would be able to work somthing out
  13. Well, the latest update is that its due to be completed today !!!

    Waiting til lunch then calling to confirm, it had better be ready........ :evil:
  14. One more hour til lunch dude! But they might be on lunch too.
  15. NOOOOOOOOOO........

    I dont believe it !!!!!

    So, they got the head back, put it all back together on Friday and....................... the problem is still there !!!!
    So now theyve reconditioned the head, replaced the valves and valve guides.

    They now think its a faulty throttle mechanism and are in the process of replacing this to test if thats the problem.
    Theyre now saying that if this is the problem then should have it back by tomorrow........

    By the way, theyre really upset about this too cause they thought that this is what the problem was originally, but Triumph said it was the head. Apparently the new throttle mechanism is a cost of $4000...............
    Thank god this is under warranty !
  16. Well, just got the phone call and todays the day !!!

    They put it together and its running like a dream apparently.
    Just putting it all back together and taking it for a test ride but im due to pick it up this afternoon...........

    I really cant wait !!!!!!!

    Im guessing that, with all the work they have done, im going to have to be a bit careful for a while to run it in again.
  17. Yep your right m8 it will need running in again but the bright side is that atleast you have it back :wink: so you have fun mate and I cant wait to do the same :grin:
  18. Ok, so I picked up the bike last night and........ its running like a dream !!!
    It feels like a brand new bike.

    I asked them about whether I have to take it easy for a while to run it in and they basically said no ! I think I will anyway cause I dont want to go through all of this again.......

    Anyway, I have to take it back at some point in the near future cause they scratched the fairing sometime over the last 3 weeks, so theyve ordered some paint in to fix it up for me.

    I did have a question though. I got home last night and put it in the garage. As soon as I got it in there, there was just this huge smell of petrol.........
    I left the doors open for a while and went back and it seemed ok. I closed all the doors up and then I went back in about an hour later and the petrol smell was really bad !
    Also this morning. It smells like someone has just dumped a litre of petrol in the garage......

    Should I be concerned about this or will it go away with a bit of running in ?
    I should mention that there is no evidence of a leak anywhere, nothing was on the garage floor this morning.
  19. Congrats Paul,

    it's great to have the bike back! Glad you're happy with the repairs too. :)