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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. No, not talking about Australian troops in Iraq, or your sex life.

    Do you miss riding? Yesterday and today I've had to take the cage to work so I could drop off and then pick up my daughter from her overnight Duke of Edinburgh expedition. And I'm *really* missing riding! Might even have to go for a bit of a lap after work tonight.

    Can't imagine how those of you who cage it all week and only ride on the weekends can do it.
  2. Yep, I feel exactly the same. I normally ride 6 or 7 days a week. Last week there were 5 days when I couldn't get out, and the wife said I was "tetchy" :). Interestingly enough, I reckon my skill level drops off if I have a week off. Anyone else feel that?

    It comes back quickly though...I mean, I'm not a complete nung :grin:
  3. WTF do you think I'm sitting here reading this stuff all day for!!
    If I can't do it, at least I can read and post about it.
    The longer I go without the bike the more I seem to think about it. I swear I get more work done the days I CAN ride, because I don't need to compensate by reading about it instead :roll:

    7 days, 21 hours, 17 minutes and eight... nine ...
  4. 2 months to go to let some bones heal. :(

    I only normally ride two to four times a month though. Wish it was more.
  5. Umm ... no ... but I didn't have skill to start with ...

    I find if I can't ride, then I simply spark up the PS2 and play Tourist Trophy ... better than nothing ...
  6. Three months suspended license is a very very long time. Not sure how the 12 monthers do it.

    There is something sweet about lane splitting down the south eastern that is challenging to replace with a train ride!

    There is also only so many times you can polish the bike!! ONce i was riding again, bike hardly ever gets washed (except when it rains)

  7. Especially when it's sunny all week and then it rains all weekend. Nothing worse than sitting in a cage watching everything else on two wheels zoom past on a fine sunny day. I know how it feels and I don't even drive the cage that often.
  8. had to use the car today cos I needed to pick up an lcd from a supplier...
    such a nice day and not being able to ride :(
  9. F8*k me Bravus :LOL: Try 3 months then back on the bike for 1 month then off again for 2 x months!

    THEN you'll know the pain of withdrawal! :LOL:
  10. ...try 6 months with another 3 or so to go :cry:

    Especially when you come off restrictions in the middle of it. :cry:
  11. Got laid up for a couple of months with a broken ankle, missed riding sooooo much. Got out of the cast, waited 2 days, then jumped back onto the bike to go for a run upto Bindoon. Promptly stacked the bike coming to a stop outside the pie shop after forgetting I had no strength left in my right leg...

    Unfortunately i've been on a course over here in Perth which has prevented me from riding most days, only really solid ride I get now is my weekend run to Bindoon. Really sucks! Not long now though... Soon I'll have my life back again!
  12. Oooh - apologies for rubbing salt in the wounds of all the wounded and suspended: when I wrote the post I was thinking of voluntary or very short-term circumstantial causes.

    I definitely feel for you guys. Hang in there - and be careful when you get back on, now you know the stakes!
  13. nah bugger 'em :p
    when i got the bike a few months back i had all intentions of caging to work and leaving the bike for fun weekends.however i havent started the car for so long i think it will need a jump start.
  14. After riding a 4060km trip up QLD in perfect sun and back 1st 2 weeks of May, then driving back up for a sudden funeral, most boring trip I've ever had, only that it was torrential rains all the way up & back made it feel slightly ok.. gets back and did a full Saturday on the scooter (Dungog lunch), then most of Sunday on the GTR I can't say I haven't had much riding in the past month... but now written off with the flu something bad and in this perfect weather too, :mad: :mad:
    I rely on my many weekend ride pics and various riding websites to keep my mind riding...
    off time is good for checking the bikes over, shining them up and planning the next ride :grin:
  15. Aaaahhhh - back on the bike this morning, on a slightly chilly but clear and sunny Brisbane morning. Even offered to go considerably out of my way to drop the Mrs off at work!
  16. No question - if I don't ride (motorised or pedals) for a few days I get grumpy and my family tells me I need to go for a ride. My mate is the same... zen and the art of stress release :)
  17. re my post a minute ago - riding a racing bike (with pedals) doesn't need a license and can be pretty exciting (try coming down from the blue mountains at 80kmh on a tyre that is 23mm wide pumped up to 110psi) - I thoroughly recommend it as a backup plan!
  18. gdpit_com_5610562_228.
  19. Er.. count 'em.


    9 months.

    Much as I'd love hopping on a racing bike, there's the small issue of the huge belly preventing me from reaching the handlebars.
  20. Claire wins the thread