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Withdrawal Symptoms :(

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by polako, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Im sick :(

    Two days ago I came down with a terrible fever at a party, I was shivering so much I ended up going to sleep in my car with the engine and heater blasting for half an hour.

    Now I have a terrible cough and blocked nose - and to make things worse, I cant ride because of it :(

    So this brings me to my question, any recommendations on how to speed up my recovery?

    I tried Codral, wasnt doing much, so I got some other herbal stuff.

    Perhaps a ride would fix it all ;)

  2. Ah, rest?... :roll:
  3. Easier said than done :(
  4. antibiotics

    iodine throat gargle ASAP and every 3 hrs. [i think its called betadine]

    also, if you do let yourself get too hot or cold [yeah, it hurts] you will kill the bugs by means of extreme temperature. dont do hot if you got a temp.

    theres an over counter pill pack called ..........um........oh.............um...........ah............cold and flu day/night [me thinks. there's heaps, its the one with the BROWN capsule on the box with YELLOW stuff coming out. the others dont work. take em asap and dont miss a pill pop, you will feel it if you do.

    GARLIC AND HORSERADISH WITH VIT C [take double the recomendation, its ok, the only way to do it when you're sick]

    got a temp? panadol EXTEND is the best, follow instructions, its a slow release.

    got a temp and laying on ya bed praying? put vinagr on a hand towel and wrap it around your ankles, neck, and wrists. cold water's good too.

    now, this is v important, it sux but you got to do it for fast recovery, and i mean it;

    every hour, on the hour, cough up all the gunk.

    do everything i said and you will notice big improvement long before 6 hrs later.

    cheers :cool:
  5. lemon and honey in hot water

    or you could try slaughtering a chicken and spreading its ......

    :oops: sorry, that's from the other forum :rofl:

    arrrr, it's the pirate in me what does it.......
  6. If you have any build-up in your chest, Senega & Ammonia works a treat. You can get it over the counter at chemists and it only costs $6 or so. Tastes like a bad Sambucca shot, but it does the job.

    My sympathies go out to you. I came back from a ski trip a month ago with a terrible cold. Didn't stop me skiing, but I was stuffed by the end of each day. All the drugs kinda helped, but in the end I just had to ride it out.

    All the best.
  7. ^Yes! And breed super virii to destroy us all!

    Seriously, just sleep as much as you can and drink lots of water. Your body will sort it out.

    ... unless you get REALLY hot with fever, like too hot and delirious: then go to hospital.
  8. Plenty of internal liniment.......in the form of dry martinis. :LOL:

    Just kidding.
    Plenty of rest and fluids is the way to go.
    Orange juice is good to replace lost electrolytes and aid hydration.
  9. +1, also try some salt in warm water and gargle every few hours - it tastes yucky but it works :wink:
  10. Vodka. Or is that just me? :grin:
  11. Thanks for the advice everyone, I found some of that ammonia and senega stuff in the medicine cabinet - damn it tastes gross. It better work lol :p

    I will pop out later to get the cold and flu stuff.
    Ive been having tea with lemon, unfortunately me and sugar (honey) dont get along too well so I cant try that one :(

    Yea Dstump, my friend pops the garlic and horseradish pills to he sweears by it, so ill have to get some too.

    Im trying to avoid antibiotics, as a kid in Poland they used to feed them to me everytime I was sick (which was once a month) and by the time I came to Oz, they didnt work anymore. So I leave them as a last case scenario.
  12. hahah thats what my mother keeps telling me - just drink plenty of vodka.
  13. I think alcohol does work too....not sure whether it helps a stuffy/blocked nose though.

    They say "Mother's know best"? :wink:
  14. nurofin cold and flu and no food... people pay for things that have less effect on them than the nerofin... better than any roll coster :)
  15. Drink a decent bottle of wine, or Bourbon. Maybe it only works for me. A fresh pack of smokes can also help.
  16. For me and a few people I've met, Exercise helps. I find if I skip the gym for a few weeks and get a cold, it hits until I do a good 2 hour workout, (20 mins cardio, hour and a half of weights/having a yarn)

    That, and cold and flu tablets with alcohol... People pay $30 a pill for that effect....
  17. No antibiotics

    Actually, even if you found a dodgy doctor to prescribe you antibiotics, they wouldn't work, as antibiotics only target against bacterial infections, as opposed to viruses, or viral infections, such as the common cold and flu.

    Definitely no to antibiotics.
  18. Sooo.....

    I'm feeling better BUT still have a nasty cough!

    I really want to go for a ride, will I get more sick?
    What if I dress warm enough?


    Havnt been on the bike for almost a week now :shock:
  19. just keep going to work, worked for me :roll: