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Withdrawal symptoms - help!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, May 16, 2005.

  1. Ok peoples I'm begging some help here! All of you that have for whatever reason - which shall not be entered into here! - for whatever length of time been bikeless, what the #^&% do you do about the withdrawal symptoms!!????? :shock: :( :(

    And no, a loaner or pillioning is not an option - I know noone over here. Besides, most of the bikes here are only a fraction above a scooter (apolgies to those who ride them :D ) or are mopeds! I'm drooling over a Bandit on the street for #@%$^$'s sake!!! And the coppers BMers!

    The roads here too would be brilliant for bikes - luverly luvery bendies - IF they were not inhabited by maniac buses and the surfaces a combination of savage potholes, rubble, rocks, ditches, ruts, and sharp lumps & bumps! And would be the best thing for the mother of al traffic jams that the Turks seem absolutely brilliant at! Buses three lanes thick on a 2 lane road... :evil:

    So Please Please Please take pity on a Bikeless abroad... I'll start getting hallucinating about rollerblades if I go on like this!!!! What to do???? AHHGHGHGHGHGH :shock:

  2. i cry myself to sleep every night :cry:

    ummmm, i dunno, spend a lot of time on the net and playing games on the xbox? and sitting in the garage making broom broom noises while wearing all my gear....... month and a half month and a half month and a half...... :?
  3. So where is "here"?
    The reference to Turks suggests Turkey. Is that right?
    Oh memories. I had many great days riding in Turkey. Yeah the roads are crap (but not as bad as many other places) and the drivers are lethal. But there's lots of good LONG rides out on the Anatolian plateau. Even longer on a gutless ancient 2-stroke MZ
    Than again, I wouldn't ride in Istanbul traffic FOR ANYTHING. Get an old crapper of a bike and get out of town. :D
  4. Yeah Turkey it is. Am currently in Cannakale restricted to a hired cage. I definitely would have gone for anything with 2 wheels, but it wans't my call :(

    Istanbul is a worry, though I reckon having survived many months in Kathmandu in a mountainbike, anything is possible!

    Actually saw a couple of decent bikes yesterday and drooled for a while, then went back later to drool some more. Sad case am I not???

    Can't wait to be back... not much longer to hang in there!

    ... and my sympathies definitely go out to all those who are bikeless for ANY length of time. For me it's only a few weeks, how you deal with months??? Would be loony farm for me!!! :LOL:
  5. Just image how good its going when you return and get back on a real bike......oops sorry you've got an Across...I'm afraid there isn't much we can do.

  6. Hehe I was waiting for some smart-arse to comment!!! :D Only 71 days to go!... Then maybe I can have a ride of your real bike Matt??? :p

    Hey at the moment I'm looking twice at mopeds... just in case they have grown up while I wasn't looking! :LOL: Makes the Across look even better :D 5 days to go...
  7. Oh well, wont be long until you are back on good old chainthrower!

    What kind of decent bikes?

    Look forward to seeing you when you get back, have some great twisty roads in mind

    :D :D :D
  8. Hopefully good ol' chainthrower should be cured by now!!!! And the decent bikes were krakkers... (sorry Clueless... :p) 1000P's or something. There was also a Yammy but no idea what it was- other than big! And didn't count the cruiser.... hehehe.


    Bring on those bendies!!!!