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Withdrawal smptoms are bad!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Drew, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. I havent been able to ride my baby for 2 weeks. :evil:

    And now all i can think about is the bike......

  2. :LOL: 2 weeks in & only now your in withdrawal. By this time next week you should well & truely be climbing the walls.
  3. I know how you feel!!!

    I haven't ridden mine since Grand Final day... Stupid thing, I'm hoping to have it fixed by next weekend.

    Otherwise, we can go crazy together!!
  4. I was in withdrawal the 1st day..... its now getting serious.

    All going well i should be riding to work tomorrow though
  5. Try eighteen months :cry:
    And I guess maybe even the prospect of never riding one again :furious:

    But if I had it my way :roll:
  6. Yep, I feel for ya brokey.

    How are things going?
  7. Getting there...got the usual fight with the TAC at the moment as it has been 18 months since the accident and apparently its usual for them to start haggling about (going back to) work and (lowering the amount of) income (provided)... :?

    Have started with the rounds of the Doctors reviews...the plastic surgeons have given me the green light so I dont have to go back to them unless their is a problem...Will also see the ortho surgeon soon and will request to have the pin removed from the tibia...
    Am currently seeing a neuro-psych and testing for progress with the ABi...

    Am still hobbling around but that is getting better...the TAC paid to have a shoe built up but I didnt like that...will have to see how the gym workouts help with that...
  8. You will have other symptoms down the track, such as looking at postie bikes and salivating.
  9. as long as you don't start looking at pushbikes with little motors attached and salivating!
  10. Yeah my baby was off the road cos it would pass pink slip (header bearings and all) still I was just could wait to get back on two wheels, still the weather has been pretty shocking so I haven't been able to go out for a proper ride yet. :(
  11. I went 3 months, got the Grumpy back and now have to run in the new donk. At least I'm mobile on two wheels again I guess, just gotta take it easy for a bit.
  12. Well back on it today..after it FIANLLY started.

    Good to hear thingy are moving along brokey. Built up shoeas aren't really good are they. I had to wear one for about 7 years