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With the stand down, weight on bike.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bonkerrs, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. I'm putting this on the new riders section as I suppose it is a bit of a noob question.

    You see posters with girls lying on bikes advertising the bike brand/model or whatever they are modelling. Or you see guys sitting a bike with their feet on the pegs. With the stand down.

    Just wondering if the stand can really take the weight of the bike plus a person on it, so an extra 55kg - over 100kg on the stand. Who's done it? Personally, I haven't been game enough in case the bike topples over with one of my legs as a cushion.
  2. Thought this might also be relevant here- had my bike both serviced and looked at on 2 separate occasions and both times I had my bike balanced on the stand to spin it around on the spot and to lift the front wheel off the ground.. Is this bad for the stand? Lol

    Ps. sorry bonkerss if I hijacked :p
  3. I've used the stand on my Hayabusa as a pivot point, to change the links out. That's a fairly heavy sport bike and the stand had no trouble with it.
  4. Yep, I use the stand on my Blade to turn it around and also at those pesky road work traffic lights I'll put my feet on the pegs or oggys and keep the stand down. I'm quite a, massive bloke and I've never had an issue.
  5. I've heard of stands failing when holding up rider & bike. Never seen one myself though.

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    The only one I've heard of is the 08 blade which had Honda issue a statement not to spin the bike on the stand
  7. My KTM blew a stand bolt. Other than that I have not had a problem. I pull up and fall on the stand. Well balance it down not too roughly.
    Spun a few thousand bikes and no worries either.
    Was pretty embarrassing when the Katooms went though.
  8. Just don't try it on the ducati's with the spring loaded stand.
  9. I can confirm that the 2002 CBR600F4i stand will comfortably hold a 72kg rider both "sitting up" and when he's practicing his "hanging off" body position for LH turns.

    Err... A friend of mine told me so, anyway.
  10. What?! Hanging off the bike on the same side as the stand, while the stand is down
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    Mine's an 09 so either they fixed the problem or it's a load of bulldust
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    Yeah apparently they fixed it
  13. I'm amazed at how much weight they take so I'm glad you asked this question. I've sat on my bike with it fully loaded with gear for long trips with no issue at all. Always wondered if was going to snap on me but it seems fine. And my bike weighs 240k by itself and at the time I was pushing 100k. No idea how much the gear added to that but let's just say it's a lot to support.
  14. I had the centre stand on my scooter snap off. When I tried to put it up one time it felt soft. I looked and realised the stand was buckling. Used the side stand instead. Went to get it welded, got to the shop and realised it had fallen off during the ride. But centre stands receive a lot more force than sidestands and are weaker because they are curved.
  15. both my suzi will hold a rider plus gear on the side stand
  16. I'd like to get my stand remade to make it stronger for this purpose (using pegs to mount/dismount - yes, I'm a big girl), but I wouldn't know where to go. Any suggestions? I assume the bolts would have to take the punishment too.
  17. why mod it if it's not required as there is lots to consider. you could upgrade bolts to structural 8.8 but then you need to consider what they are bolting up too, if it the alloy frame, well then I would rather snap a cheap 2.00 item rather then a 10k+motorcycle frame.
  18. In my small amount of experience, this will eventually cause the stand to fail in some way.
    I use to ALWAYS use the stand to spin my bikes in that garage (an old workshop habit) and I have had 3 stands on 3 different bikes fail because of it. That said It took a few years for this to happen. I still use this method to spin the bikes sometimes but when there is room now I wheel it around. I think that repeated turning on the stand will weaken it, but it'll take a few years to do so, but the occasional use wont hurt.
  19. You keep assuming it won't take your weight. My assumption would be that it will and you don't need to make it stronger.

    A different issue perhaps is that it may need to change shape (e.g. longer and different angle) so that if you swing on it your weight remains inside the centre of gravity. But you can probably do this without chnging it just by being careful how you mount.
  20. No, I don't see. You didn't post any. :confused:

    Yes, I think you'll find the stand shouldn't have any problems. I've done it to a few bikes, no bad experiences. If you weigh 300KG, you should probably refrain :p