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With spare time on my hands...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dupster, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. So yeah dropped my bike in for the mother of all services and get it back this friday afternoon, I'm bored and in despair someone give me an idea/humor me with an idea of what to do with all this spare time.

  2. Harden up, that's what you should do. There are some people who haven't ridden their bikes for months, and you're complaining about 5 days.... FFS cry me a river already
  3. Thanks for the tip J.T.
  4. take up homebrewing
  5. Skip to the important bit "Take up Drinking" :grin:
  6. Get another bike.
  7. Wear a mankini, slippers that look like chickens, cover yourself in green jelly, break a egg on each nipple and put on gardening gloves.

    Then go into a shopping center and ask people if they are interested in taking out a life insurance policy in the most posh voice you can do.
  8. should have serviced it yourself :eek:
  9. On the self-servicing theme...

  10. Way too much needed done and its beyond my capabilities:

    *chain/fron and back sprokets
    *new read PR2 tyre
    *new front brake caliper/seals
    *new rear bearing
    *Rear disc
    *full service inc carby rebalancing/clean/rejet(wasnt done by prev owner)

    -I've actualy tryed some cider from my mates home brew kit, its not that expensive to do hey? couple of hundred to get it up and running.
  11. It's not that expensive to setup. about $150 - $200.
    But it's a pain to clean after each batch. I used to do it for a while then gave up.
    Also if you take it up get an old fridge doesn't have to run, just have a door that stays closed. Best place to leave the brew. Before and after bottling.
  12. So:
    Wear a mankini, slippers that look like chickens, cover yourself in green jelly, break a egg on each nipple and put on gardening gloves while making home brew.
  13. That's what I like to do. You see making homebrew is a very spiritual past time and you put your soul in the creation of the brew.
    If you sole is calm and soothed you get a calm soothing brew, however if your stressed then the brew is stressed and drinking only increases your stress levels.

    For me wear the above atire relaxes me and I made relaxed brew.
  14. Point taken, be one with the mankini and the brew will flow.
  15. i had an errr.... friend, who was caught by his girlfriend playing motogp on playstation, while wearing 1 piece leathers and all his gear during a 1 month holiday from his license. :-w
  16. Maybe you should reconsider being friends with this person, he sounds like a total baboon. :p :p
  17. Get a postie bike for small runs to the shops, then when you have to take the bike in you still have something to ride.
  18. as this is completly off topic now.

    if your serious about homebrewing. check out http://www.aussiehomebrewer.com/

    can be as cheap as you want to set up or as expensive, piss easy to clean and brew. esp when youve got kegs.
  19. Yeah i got a few PM's with some info so im going out on sat arvo to have a look at a few setups, the coopers one seems to be the best bet.
  20. Brewing can be cheap, but I'm warning you if you go to that website it will not be cheap in the longrun, eventually you will end up joining the darkside and going all grain :grin: