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With friends like this who needs enemas

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MelbourneMick, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. With friends like this who needs enemas NOW WITH VIDEO

    Post your crap gifts here.
    This from a dear friend of 32 years.


    and now with video !

  2. Straight to the pool room! You can put it in whichever corner points to mecca. It will remind you to genuflect before it 5 times a day... (y) Either, that or stop hanging out with people who've got a sense of humour. :)

    I had a girl-friend who bought me an alarm clock once... she thought it was romantic since the first think I would think of everyday was her, as if what she wanted was a mental image of her being associated with being tired/hung over/having to go to work.
  3. Should have posted the vid Mick - that was hilarious!
  4. The person who gave to me has a knack for selecting crap gifts. Quite the expert!
    Jesus on the cross complete with flashing red and green neon lights is another gem I have seen her give as a gift
  5. My sister and I often give gifts like this to each other. One of her favourites I gave her was a battery operated snow globe containing a dutch windmill (we're of dutch heritage) which had the blades turning - REALLY FAST LOL - and snow blowing. The best thing about it is that it leaked snow. She thought that was hilarious.
  6. Hahaha that's tops Greydog !
  7. Sister gave her friend the same Jesus pic, but hers had some of the lights not working. Adds charm...
  8. I saw this on facebook, didnt want to say anything but...wow...just wow ;)
  9. Did you check out the video of it Chicken?
  10. Can't post from my phone but will do it tomorrow
  11. Re: With friends like this who needs enemas

    i just want to double check here, did you mean to post enemas in the title or is it supposed to be enemies..

    because i was a bit apprehensive about clicking this thread, but once i saw it was an alarm clock and not someone having an enema.. it was a bit less awkward.

    edit: also i hope your friend of 32 years was taking the piss, cause that clock is rather.. pink.. and honestly who would own one? lol

    also what video? i can't see it.
  12. It means they're a pain in the @rse!!

    Just saw the vid,,,, if that don't wake ya,, NOTHING will!! :rofl:
  13. Having some Brunei dollars to use up last time I passed through, I bought a Brunei Mosque snow-globe (think about it for a moment) for a mate in the UK who finds daft crap amusing.
  14. Genuine collectors item !
  15. yup the title is as it should be !!! hahaha
    my friend is the quintessential piss-taker. we have had a "sh/t gifts" exchange going on for most of our lives.

    video coming soon !
  16. and here is a short clip of the alarm in action !

  17. I say it again Mick - that is absolute GOLD and your friend has classic p15s taker class! I bow down in the face of crappy gift choosing superiority.

    The pink plasticyness of it just adds to the attractiveness. Apparently also available in blue or green; surely something availabe to match one's decor..
  18. Show's they're thinking of you I guess......? At least you'd make an effort to wake up before the alarm went of rather than trying to sleep through it.

    A friend bought me a huge white ceramic dove barometer/clock with gold edging for a birthday one year (think Italian ornate). Unfortunately it 'accidently' got smashed in one of my house moves. Unlike yours, mine wasn't a joke present and the expectation was that it was going on display.
  19. Oh yeah Salmon Pink and Gold are all the rage !
    Her crappy gift giving is exceptional.

    I am sure your sister will love her one hahaha
  20. I think i would stay awake all night rather than be woken by it.

    That clock sounds spectacularly aweful ! hmmmm but you have just given me a great sh1t gitft idea!!!

    that is a concern it wasn't given to you as a joke though