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with all the mobile phone threads at the moment.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, May 10, 2007.

  1. i have a habit of dropping mine, at which point they generally fall in to bitumen and then become immortalised forever in the road :LOL:
    to assume that i have a broad knowledge of the electronic dogleash is an understatement :roll:
    how many have you had? anybrands you prefer not to use?

    in the last 4 years i have had-

    Palm Treo 750 - current
    Maxon Minimax usb phone and modem -upgraded to treo
    Samsung A701 - current
    Samsung A501 (x 2) - 1 went in toilet, the other is road.
    Kyocera Slider Remix - upgraded to NextG
    Motorola V3x - died, crap phone
    Nokia 6255 (x2) - one is road, the other is still somewhere in kangaroo valley <----damn good phone
    Kyocera Koi - road
    Nokia 3205 - screen rupture, very nearly road
    LG TD7130 - crap phone, died
    Nokia 6285 - somewhere amongst the woodchips at eden timber mill
    Nokia 2280 - lost at pub in jindi
    Nokia 8250 - upgraded to CDMA
    Nokia 8210 - died, had a good life though

    11 deaths in 44 months :?
    no wonder i couldnt have the dopod/jasjam :LOL:
  2. Nokia 3310
    Nokia 3315
    Sony-Ericsson t610i (or something like that)
    Nokia 6xxx (small black flippy one with a red stripe light on the front)
    Sony-Ericsson w810i (current)

    I prefer the Sony Ericssons, the interface is much better than other phones I have used. Plus I like small phones.
  3. Recentest to oldest:

    Blackberry of some description. Shits me to tears.
    Samsung Z510. Not bad for a flip phone, buttons are getting a bit dodgy.
    Nokia 5140i. Loved it.
    Nokia 5140. Loved it too.
    Nokia 3110. Crap.
    Nokia 7110. Cool gimmick, too fragile.
    Nokia 6310. Simple, liked it.
    Ericsson T39. Dodgy.
    Nokia 5110. Reliable, but boring.
    Some other Nokia I can't remember.
    Nokia 101. :oops: My first phone (Analogue, not digital)

    If I could, I'd go back to the Nokia 5140i (with the GPS attachment).
  4. I had an NEC P3 Analog (1990)
    then an NEC P5

    that thing was the best phone on the planet. Half way through a call, "low battery signal", hang on a tick, push and hold the power button, remove flat battery, insert charged one, let go of power button, continue convo.

    Then it was a series of shit phones, too many to list till the current one.

    I like the dopod ;)
  5. I had t610 and t630 survive big drops. Other mobiles were not that good, but this two had really crappy and slow interface.

    Right now I've Sony-Ericsson k810i, I've dropped it about 10 times and it survived, once it was from a flight of stairs when i was at gym and it dropped out of my towel. It's still good as new, very solid mobile. I also like the interface better compared to any other mobile.
  6. I had a coupe of Siemens which i was more than happy with. Very logical and simple. Various Noks and Eriks :sick: then had an imate just made it proof positive to me that Windows is crap on any type of hardware. Now I've got a Nok 6131 and love it. I use it for a diary / calendar, sync it with the laptop it even has a little programme which turns it into a remote mouse when I do Ppoint presentations, mp3 player for on the bike, pretty good still camera an ok video camera AND I can make phone calls. My only dislike? that stupid bloody socket for connecting headphones :evil:
  7. Can't remember what I had in the past, I don't retain those sorts of information, mostly Nokias and a Panasonic I think.

    But I now have the Sony Ericsson w810i and I love it :grin: It's a slippery sucker though, I keep dropping it... but it bounces really well :wink:

    I generally just keep the same phone till the contract expires, then I upgrade.
  8. I dont keep track of model nos etc but I've had a few

    1st one ws the famous Motorola brick. this was state of the (then) art with storage for (count them :LOL: )20 names!!!!!
    I then went to an expensive Uniden piece of sh!t that died after 6 months.

    Nokia something or other that was indestructible (left it on the back of the truck and drove off and came back half an hour later to find it ringing in the middle of the road on a fast bend :LOL: )

    Another Nokia with car kit

    Upgrade to digital nokia

    Samsung first flip phone which was also a piece of sh!t replace byanother samsung POS

    Motorola followed by the Nokia "builders" phone

    This is by far the best phone of them all as you can drop, it kick it, throw it and it just keeps going
  9. Samsung Z540, big buttons to suit my pudgy fingers (plus I like flip phones)

    Too many others to remember, flips that had screens crack up, normals that had loud-speakers or microphones die, right back to Nokia 5110s and an NEC anaolgue brick sometime around 1994....
  10. NEC Sportz (Anawog)
    NEC Sportz Digital
    Ericsson GA628
    Ericsson A1018s
    Nokia 3200
    Nokia 6225 CDMA (spare phone)

    As you can see I'm not into the wanky all bells and whistles phone, I only want one which can make & receive calls with a decent car kit.
  11. Those phones are well tuff. A mate of mine dropped his in wet concrete and it started ringing form inside the concrete... :LOL:
  12. OK 20 years of mobiles, never been without one. man I must be forgeting heaps, there were a couple of really dodgy late AMPs handhelds from some Chinese company, I stiil cringe how many were stuffed out of the box! Man I also had a Nokia that folded out to a keyboard! POS.

    Palm Treo 750 NEXT G woooohoooooo!!! :grin:
    Blackbery 7200
    Samsung A701
    Imate KJam
    Motorola V3X POS!
    Seimens SK65 Blackberry
    Siemens forgot model
    Nokia 6225? CDMA
    Nokia N Gage POS
    Nokia 8280
    Nokia 6610
    Nokia 6210
    Nokia 5150
    Ericsson KH668
    Ericsson T68
    Ericsson T18
    Nokia 2110 my first GSM
    Motorola Micro TAC x 4 POS
    Telecom 4B [P3 in disguise]
    Nec P3
    Mitsubishi new luggable, 1 1/2 kilos and 50 min talk time! PROGRESS
    Motorola various X8000 series, THE BRICK loved them!
    A Mitsubishi Luggable phone, 3 kilos and 20 minutes talk time!
    Philips Car Phone - The Surfboard Phone, made In Australia, got it late 1987, the year AMPs went live! I think it was called the Telecom TravellerP. $50 a month access, calls at STD rates [$2 or $3 pm] and the phone was about $1,000 a year in rental or you could buy for about $4,000!

    Oh and guess what they were ALL with Telecom, Telecom Australia and then Telstra!
  13. oldest first:

    • Philips Savvy - possibly THE most indestructible phone ever. dropped from 2nd floor balony onto bitumen, run over (separate occasion), drowned, and still worked :D
      Nokia 3310 - Had been drowned before I got it, but still worked.
      Nokia 3520 - First colour screen phone, thought it was the shit!
      Nokia 7250i - It has a camera! Awesome little phone, small but still good sized keys.
      Nokia 7610 - Tried out the "smart phone" thing.
      Sony Ericsson W550i - wanted something to play music on as well. That and the awesome swivel opening (was the first to do so I think?). Ended up being dumped for the iPod
      Nokia N70. Back to the smartphone. Does all I need it to. P**sed off at Telstra though, bought it as they said we'd be getting 3G, then next thing they bring the NextG network down so it's only good as a standard GSM in Tas.

    7 phones in 6 1/2 years. I thought it wasn't a bad effort but some of you put me to shame :p Gotta say though, I'm a Nokia snob. Had issues with the Philips and the Sony, only ever had one problem with one of my Nokias.
  14. hold on, hold on...mobile phones come with cameras now??

    I'll be damned!
  15. Have had a few, and plenty of whoopsies as well :oops:

    Dopod P800w - six weeks
    iMate PDA2K - 2.5 years
    1st generation XDA pda phone - 2 years before I sat on screen
    Ericsson mono screen with fold out keyboard R900 (?) - six months before dropped from top storey while renovating
    Ericsson shark fin phone - 12 months and wore the numbers out - why doesn't someone make a waterproof phone like this anymore?
    Nokia 6210 about six months - gave it to someone who lost theirs who had the car kit
    Nokia 8210 - about six months - too small and lost out of pocket on a drunken night
    Nokia 5110 - 12 months - my mate was in London and came back for a wedding - we both had the red cover and William Tell overture as our ringtones - pissed ourselves laughing
    Nokia 100 Analogue - The Brick
  16. I think phone companies spent a lot of r&d into a small chip that sends out subliminal pulses so the person using the phone lots (usually the owner) "accidentally" loses the phone on purchase. Great money spent that. It's made us consumers buy about 5 to 10 times the amount of phones that we "actually needed".
  17. no...i think it's the other way around... :p

  18. The best phone I have ever owned is the Sony Ericson K700, it had everything I wanted.

    Second best was a seimens for simplicity.

    Worst phone ( and the one I am currently using ) is a Motorola razor phone .... keeps dropping out. I will never go back to a clamshell phone

    And i'm not really keen on Nokias .... I have found that the screens tend to go on them.

    Like the OP ... my phones tend to end in destruction.

    Oh, and I would love a phone that is waterproof !!

  19. I have no idea how many or what model of mobile I have had over the years.

    The first was one of these in the 80's;


    The current model is one of these;


    And yes, those pictures are roughly to scale.....
  20. Currently have:

    Nokia N80 (personal) (love this phone too :D)
    Nokia 3120 (work) (meh .. it makes calls and that's about it)

    before that:
    Nokia 6230 (loved this phone too :D)
    Nokia 8310 (loved this phone :D)
    Something else nokia, can't remember
    Nokia 5510 (used it almost till it died)
    Nokia 5510 (lost)
    Nokia 5510 (lost)