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wishes - they can come true

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, May 30, 2012.

  1. guys today was gonna be just another day at work. 9 - 5 drag sitting at a desk, probably like a few of you. i was in the cage stuck in a huge traffic jam, and looking out to the sky i noticed a perfect day out there. blue skys after days of patchy rain.

    i just pictured my mbike and how much i would love to go for a blast on it. anyway i eventually got to work.....but computers in building are down. waiting, waiting, waiting. still down. boss computer down as well. i waited till 2.5 hours go by....and just asked if i could head off home. i got a few hours up and i thought this is a good time to use them. she said yes.

    30 mins to drive home. text my brother to see if he is free. done. by midday we are cruising the beautful adelaide hills doing the icon bakeries, mixing it up with other mbike riders we met, had one of the best spontaneous rides ever. 200kms of sheer bliss all out of the blue!!!

    any one else get this lucky?
  2. So how did you sabotage the computer systems when you weren't there ? :LOL:
  3. Those days are often the best!
    Thanks for sharing.
  4. Concur.
  5. .... Lucky Bugger!!....[-(
  6. back behind the desk today...we got rain forecast for start of weekend so good to get that one under my belt.

    im not lucky ...just got GREAT boss. who said LADY bosses are not good!!!!
  7. .... Yay for Lady Bosses!!....:)
  8. Sonova... Im in the melbourne CBD, high up, and looking outside at a beautiful clear sky, sun is truly up now.. My bike's downstairs from the commute in.... and now I have to resist the urge to just get on and gooooooooooooo.

    ... I don't think Im strong enough to hold myself back....... Urge to quit rising....
  9. I hope you thanked your IT people :) They're probably being berated by everyone else.
  10. Great weather today in Melb and I am stuck at uni 'studying' ...*cough* procrastinating.

    Make sure to send your IT department some goodies for their work!
  11. Grouse day for a ride, I am retired, so can hop on the bike any time,

    Cant go any where for a week, cant get in or out,

    Their pouring my new concrete drive right at this moment,

    Just hope the Queens Birthday weekend is like today.
  12. someone probably downloaded stuff from a dodgy site and a virus affected the whole network. it came back on line, finally at 11.30am.

    my brother was on the back, and he has never been on back of on the back of a mbike since the 70's. the thrill factor must have affected him because he is going to get his mbike licence now.

    a decent ride (straights, hairpins, sweepers, scenery, no traffic), can affect me for a few days afterwards. i still feel it today. on way home we were blasting up a hill at 110kph (or thereabouts.....) and a sport bike rider whistled past us from behind, so fast that i couldnt tell what colour/model bike etc...also he had the same effect as a truck coming the other way when it blows the bike a bit. i suspect $2.00 plus.
  13. I hope you buy the IT guys a beer each for that one. Sounds like a great day.
  14. For free beer and a list of IPs in the corporate DMZ I'm sure we can make things happen :demon:
  15. Oh yeah...even planned rides have vastly exceeded my expectations now and then. I then wanna stop and sit down in some quiet place, and just listen to the clinking of the metal as it cools...run my hands quietly over the tyres and sense their grip.
    Around about then, is when I descover the nail...Grrr!


    RIDING: beautiful one minute, totally fekked, the next.