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Wish we had roads like this here

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by jd, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. [img:1280:960:32c2bb9d14]http://photos.motorcycle-usa.com/00127.jpg[/img:32c2bb9d14]
    Looks like it'd be fun on the right bike :grin: .

  2. Mate, that looks like it'd be fun on ANY bike...

    Any idea where it is??
  3. in the USA?? :LOL:
  4. All I can say is WOW :shock:

    Reminds me of some parts of Tasmania in the Hydro Electric dam areas. Looks just as cold too...
  5. You wouldn't want to overshoot those 180s tho...
  6. Austrian Alps, or maybe somewhere 'out there'; China????
  7. Looks like the Stelvio Pass in Italy, or the Brenner Pass (Austrian/Italian border), but could be any one of at least a dozen in the Alps. :)
  8. It's from a US website but it's actually a picture of the Alps, somewhere around Titisse in Germany.
    Edit: Oh there's a full write up of the trip here which is an interesting read, certainly makes me want to tour Europe by bike.
  9. Definitely one for the heated grips and thermal jocks then.....
  10. Great looking road. There are roads that cut across europe that travel for miles and they are amazing. I have some friends in the UK bike scene and they are always going on these incredible trips. I just get envious. I love my country Australia and I wouldnt live anywhere else but it sucks we are so far away from the rest of the worlds great roads
  11. Hmmm, must have gone the long way round then. No sizeable mountains along the Swiss-German border according to Google Earth... :?
  12. Dam! Seeing that photo just makes me want to wag work and go home and roll da wheels out....
  13. Go take your bike to the top of Mt Buller, north-east of Melbourne. Has the same serpentine climb up the side of the mountain, but the main difference is that Mt. Buller has trees rather than a clear slope like in that picture.
  14. Saw the Mt Buller Hill Climb Rally on telly about a month ago. Would be an awesome ride that one...
  15. Think I shall, once the weather warms up. Should make a fun weekend ride.
  16. So must have the Von Trapps, then :wink: