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Wish us Luck

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PatB, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Taking our ageing kelpie cross, Bonnie, to the vets tomorrow to have some (hopefully benign) fatty lumps removed. Keeping everything crossed for a successful outcome. Good doggie cybervibes would be appreciated.

  2. Mate,
    We have several much loved dogs in our family network, ranging from Maltese-Shitzu cross to Border Collies (fingers crossed soon to be added : Cav King Charles (girlies) and Rottweiler (mine) (y)).
    My best wishes & thoughts are with Bonnie, mate - hope the 'operation' is successful.
    <Just sent Bonnie a cyber Shmako>
  3. Good luck!
  4. good luck bonnie my little dog is now 17 or 18 and getting frail i had to put her mother down this time last year broke my heart but try to remember the good times
  5. ..very best of luck to you!... positive doggie vibes coming your way!!... (y)

    They are great companions!.... :)
  6. so pat has the op hapend yet? hope alls well!
  7. as gregb stated - happened yet? i hope you get the desired results this afternoon. i know what the worrying is like - had my dog on deaths bed after two of the biggest paralysis ticks we'd ever seen were on him within 12 hours of each other... going to work that day was a mistake - i was a total mess! luckily, after TWO WEEKS at the vets, he was finally okay to come home.

    they'd never seen a dog that bad, and neither had we. it really was awful.

    pat, sending all the positive doggie vibes i can to you so you get a good result like i did with my boy!
  8. Good luck. Looking on the positive side, all my dogs have had fatty cysts and they've never given any drama. Quite common, hope that's all it is.
  9. Well, she should have had the op by now and I haven't had the apologetic phone call, so hopefully all is well. I'll be ringing the vet at three to find out whether she's coming home tonight.

    Thanks for the good wishes.
  10. you'll call her at 3? it says you posted the message at 3:20? or is netrider time off?
  11. Now that I'm checking, it shows PatB's post at a time of 16:21...or 4:21pm ? Timezone differences and perhaps a system brain fart ?
    Mate, sincerely hope all is well with Bonnie.
  12. He would have posted at 13:21 WST or 16:21 EDST.

    Hope doggie is ok.
  13. Time zone issue folks :wink:.

    Well, she's home and a very sore and sorry for herself dog she is too. Still woozy from the anaesthetic and very uncomfortable around the op scars. She's got drains in and needs to remain fairly inactive for the next week or two.

    She gave me a bad moment getting her into the van. I'd brought a portable step so she wouldn't have to jump but the silly bugger went and jumped anyway before i could get it into place. Needless to say she didn't make it and I thought she'd pulled her stitches out :shock:. No harm done though and I resorted to lifting her in.

    Anyway, she's now dozing on the living room rug, being sniffed by all five of our cats. Seems content enough :grin:.
  14. Good to hear, they can certainly pull at your heartstrings our 4 legged friends, well not cats but, cats suck
  15. Phew ! Glad to hear the good news PatB. Relief for you mate (y)
  16. really good to hear!

    the time i got for patB: Today, 15:21
  17. fantastic long live bonnie :beer:
  18. Spent last night sleeping on the floor next to her 'cos she got really distressed as the last of the anaesthetic wore off. This morning I seem to be in more pain than she is............
  19. Best of luck to both of you in the trying time!