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Wish me luck...

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by hornet, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. After several weeks of unrelenting rain in southern Wollongong, and with an old spring running right through the back section of my yard, I'm just about to see if I can get the bike out of the garage and go for a ride :LOL:.

  2. Has it got water wings?
  3. Hey hornet, hopefully the roads will dry out a bit. I went for a quick ride after work up the Seacliff bridge rd then through nasho a little bit and there was water and debris on the roads. Maybe it will clear a bit as the sun is shining this morning ...woo hoo...
  4. Well the grumpy trumpy next-door just woke up after a few weeks slumber, so I take that as a good sign...
    As for where to ride though? I wouldn't tackle the RNP for a while, bridges all closed out west, and I can JUST imagine the water in that concrete culvert across the road, about halfway up Mac Pass...
    I therefore suggest a spot of urban terrorism :D
  5. Well, I can report that I didn't get it bogged getting between the garage and the driveway on the side of the house (but it was a close-run thing), and that both the Jamberroo Road and Macquarie Pass are in outstandingly good order considering the Noahic deluge we've been having.

    However, I'm not brave enough to get it back INTO the garage so I'm going to chain it up in the carport :LOL:..
  6. You're just making words up now, aren't you?!
    Surprised to hear the Pass is in such good order too! I was imagining a waterfall of Niagric proportions ;)
  7. Yeh I would be too. Audley weir was still closed last night and most likely is closed today.
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    The Pass drains quickly just by virtue of its gradient. The big problem at times like this is rock slips from the embankments and the garbage it leaves on the road after it gets scrubbed off.
  9. i went through the natho on Sunday and there was still a lot of water running across the road... . what are they doing on Mac Pass between the 12th-16th ??
  10. All sorts of stuff

    Trees close to the road (and close to falling) are being felled

    Rocks sticking too far out of the embankments are being gouged out or cut back

    The old illegal pass section (downhill left-hander with dirt and gravel all over it) has been tar-sealed, presumably they are hoping :)roll:) that slow-moving traffic will pull over there and let people pass

    Gutters are being cleaned out of branches and leaf litter etc..

    The most and most varied works I've seen on the Pass in over ten years
  11. it did need it...