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Wish I'd gotten a pic!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by emsie, May 21, 2007.

  1. So yesterday I was driving down the backstreets near my house and I came to a section where I had to pull behind a parked car to allow a scooter rider past a parked car on the other side. I sit there waiting as he comes past and in all seriousness, I honestly wished I had time to pull out a camera.

    Male rider, probably about 30 or so with a small child sitting on his lap and wearing shorts and tshirt (no shoes) and a bicycle helmet which had fallen to the side of his head cos it was so big. I started laughing at that point - it was beyond getting angry over.

    Then, as he rides past me, I notice there's another kid on the back of the scooter!! Same deal - shorts, tshirt and lopsided helmet :LOL: Classic - could've been one of those moments that makes history on the internet like the fat dude on the tiny scooter that's been floating around :D

  2. Don't ever visit Naples, you'll have a brain explosion :LOL: Standard mode of transport for Pappa, Mamma and the bambino is all 3 on a 50cc scooter, mum on the back and the kid standing in the footwell, flying down a pedestrian only street, without a helmet amongst them, barefoot in shorts and tshirts

    Yep.. ambulance sirens are a common thing to hear round those parts. :shock:
  3. Wow!

    I think the closest I've seen is a dude with two puppy dogs sitting on the tank of his sport's bike - he was taking them to the vet.

    The funniest thing I see (on the daily) is this dude who rides his scooter down Oxford St with both legs hanging off the sides rather than forward on the foot rests. It looks like he's riding a broom stick! It's so odd!!
  4. I've seen a few people like that here - agreed it looks pretty odd! :)
  5. Most I've seen on a scooter is 5 humans and a maingy dog in Bali. 5 hookers on a scooter in Thailand.
  6. Saw 1 bloke carrying 2 large wrought iron gates on a scooter followed by 2 blokes who must have been elecrical contractors on 1 scooto the rider had a huge coil of cable over his shoulder, and the other had 2 6 metre lengths of conduit holding them above his head trying to keep the ends off the ground. This was also in bali. This was amongst the many occassions of seeing the whole family riding their scooter. I think the laws have changed now cause most of the riders have to wear helmets. the pillions and kids never do though :(
    here is a couple of photos of footpath sharing from our trip a few weeks ago
    It is always the pedestrians responsibility to get out of the way


  7. If I wasnt going to get the death pentalty, I would stick a broom through their wheels just to teach them a lesson. :LOL:

  8. I quickly and easily resize and save images with Irfanview!

    Irfanview: the choice of Ktulu's everywhere.
  9. Poppies Lane.

    Lots of fun on a bike!
  10. and if you hit a traffic jam,
    just ride on the footpath, :grin: (and watch those gutters, there deep) mind you it's a bit harder to get away with that in dempesar.. :shock:
  11. Yeah, Thailand is a crack up. Entire families pile onto a 125cc scooter and only the dad is wearing a helmet. :)
  12. You shore it was a motorscooter and not one of those annoying 20w toy scooters, they look like a cheap motorscooter and you only have to wear an esky on your head. My brother got one when he lost his license! :LOL: :LOL: