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Wisemans loop via Old Road this Saturday 21st May

Discussion in 'NSW' started by goz, May 17, 2011.

  1. Weather is looking to be perfect this Saturday, so whos in..

    Meet Berowra Mobil 8:30am, depart 9am

    Breakfast at Road Warriors


    Hornet is not welcome on this ride
  2. slow, medium or fast paced?

    can i be the slow TEC?
  3. Been a long time mate will be good to catch up. Count me in
  4. Ride is for everyone and i'm the new TEG :)

  5. been way to long Pete, just remember my past is gone and no more "like the old days" for me :D
  6. Will anybody be taking photos on the day?....Cause if my mates see me riding with a cruiser I will never hear the end of it :p.....

    I'm a definate maybe mate :)
  7. Can't make it Saturday. I can make it Sunday though.
  8. well you will be somwhere at the front wont you? you wont see me all day, only at stop points :D

    ahh damn Ant, i did it Sat cause we shifted learners to Sunday
  9. I can't make it this Saturday either. These need to be organised more frequently though, if possible.

  10. i try mate, i said i wasnt going to organise no more rides after the last 1 but fuk it, been to quiet, need to get out there so i can deathen you all :)
  11. cant make sat as well :(....bugger would have loved to though.
  12. I'll be picking up Wifey's new bike from Newcastle at around 3pm Saturday.

    Oh well, next time (I'm rostered off).

  13. riding it back?
  14. Yep :grin:
  15. awesome mate, you will be like a little kid again :), make sure u take the back roads, stuff the F3
  16. Damn hurting my shoulder at work or id come for a bash too (on the old boys bike lol)! (if next job works out and i can give notice to the existing one tomorrow and thereby get saturday off!)
  17. Abso-freakin-lutely :LOL:
    I can't wait.

    (I have to remember it's not my bike and hand it over when I get home)
  18. Yeah I know, it's hard to find time when everyone is free too. I'll make it to a ride sometime soon.
  19. Yup count me in too.
    So your pipes turn up yet?

    Cheers Paul.
  20. Oh yeah so breakie at roadies what about lunch man you know i need to plan my day around food :D