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Wisemans Ferry - Newcastle road???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mjmoo75, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Can anyone tell me what the road is like from wisemans ferry to Newcastle?? Group of 9 of us are riding from Bathurst to Newcastle via wisemans ferry for the Night.

  2. When you come up to mangrove mountain the easiest way to get to newcastle is to turn right and head over peats ridge to the freeway and up.

    You can be a little more scenic that way and follow along lake macquarie's western shore from the freeway and around the top of the lake and into newcastle that way.

    Or for the most fun, turn left at mangrove mountain and head on up to wollombi, then down to newcastle via cessnock, kurri kurri, etc. If you have time you can continue up past wollombi to broke and turn back in, or perhaps as far as the golden highway and down again.
  3. Thanks Mr Messy, yeah was thinking of going up via Wollombi
  4. The roads are all pretty reasonable through there, just a few corners to keep an eye on that you dont take a left hander too narrow as theres a bit of deterioration on the edges.
    Last time i went through a few months back there was a fair bit of work being done on the edges so maybe its a little better now ;).
  5. About a month ago there was an auto traffic light for raod work just before "Lemmings Corner". One of the group wnet down at the corner ](*,)
    After a 1 1/2 hr wait for ambo we were on our way.

    The edges are deteriorated badly in places so take care, but still have fun :angel:
  6. That work on lemmings has been going on for at least 6 months... and nothing seems to have progressed at all in that whole time!

    Thankfully now the lights are timed. Before the sensor didnt pick up a bike :p.
  7. Problem is, its before Lemming, Lemming hasnt even been touched
  8. So is the road up thru Wollombi shit house???
  9. No its fine really, a lot of fun to ride... I go through as often as i can.
    Just be aware of the edges in some places are going a little bad, so like i said, dont cut them too close. That one roadworks corner is no biggie, and lemming just after it yeah, want to be careful, but thats due to the corner itself, not the road conditions.
  10. once u pass all the shit at Lemming, its an awesome ride
  11. There is a road that goes from The Wollombi Road about 15ks from Peats Ridge to the south end of the Hue Hue Rd at the back of Wyong and then to the hexam Bridge.
  12. Not entirely sure you mean Hexham bridge? Kinda out of the way a bit...
    Yeah Hue Hue would also give you a nice run up to the west side of lake macquarie too.
  13. Ok awesome guys thanks heaps :)