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Wisemans Ferry - Mangrove - Buckety - Mogo Creek - Wisemans

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Smithy, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. I was playing around on Google Maps, and came up with this little gem.
    Basically it's a big circuit around Ten Mile Hallow.
    If you look at the map, there's heaps of twisties near Mogo Creek.

    Starting at Wisemans Ferry, goind alone Wisemans Ferry Rd to Central Mangrove. Then up George Downs Dr to Buckety via Kulnura.
    Pit stop
    Then head down Mogo Creek Rd to Mogo Creek, and keep going to Fernances. Keep heading down Wallambine St to St Albans, then over the bridge to Wisemans Ferry.

    Has anyone done this loop? what are the roads like?
    Is there usually much traffic?

    If it's all good, then I'll be tackling this on Sunday.


  2. While you are at it, click on "Link to this page" and paste here the link so we know what you are on about :wink:

    Last time i checked, "sections of the road between Wisemans Ferry and St Albans are unsealed. The road from St Albans to Bucketty is all unsealed, and may be impassable after heavy rain"

  3. NO!!!! :cry: That looked like the best bit. All those twisties gone to waste. :cry:

    here's the link: VIEW MAP
  4. That road from St Albans to Bucketty is quite rough and had cattle wandering around too when I did it
    I did it on an SV650, I wouldn't do it again on a road bike, though it was a good experience :shock:
  5. the roads up that way are great, if you are on a dual sport. i did the loop the opposite way from lithgow via kandos and denman, and that was a cracker of day. 80kms of dirt covered in 3 hours, it was slow in some parts.

    i was looking at the same route a couple of weeks ago, im acutally free this sunday. are you up for it?
  6. Might give it a miss if it's dirt, as it'll be no fun on my road bike.

    Whats Wisemans Ferry Rd to Central Mangrove like? is it sealed?
  7. My XL600V Transalp or my WR400 would be ok on those roads, but no way I would take the bird, way too much gravel, and alot of the route is as said unsealed.
  8. you mean this one

    this is a nice ride, by the river, with an optional stop at road warriors at the end of it...
  9. wadda pussy!


    It's a lovely road - just get out and give it a go. It'll be a sad day when it gets tarred and every mother hen and goose is up there being stupid!
  10. Do they make knobbies for blackbirds??

    Thanks for the pics, I'll give it a go one day soon.
  11. old mate who did the round the world trip on his R1 found a paddle tyre for a 180 rim.

    The closest you will get in real terms is the dunlop set made for the buell ulysses - kind of a hybrid. I did that trip using pilot roads.
  12. they only make those up to a 150 section alex! And you can't get a 17" front.
  13. If you want twisties, just use any road and some imagination......................................just like this :LOL: :LOL: