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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by A boy named Sue, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with government officials:

    1.They know what they are doing. Which is making themselves look good, not providing a service to you or Australia. They know how to bait and trap you into becoming a problem so they can spend their time dealing with it. Which makes them look good.
    2.They enjoy the chase, because they have nothing else to do.
    3.It is not about the law. They don't know it. If you do, you will most likely beat them, but that is very time consuming, which is what they bank on.
    4.Governments don't ban things, they make them difficult and expensive, making them so cumbersome that people stop doing them. Only criminals and people willing to ignore the law for no malicious reason continue doing the activity. Which is how government officials know you are doing something wrong when you do the activity.
    Here are some principles for dealing with this sort of infuriating nonsense:

    1.Obfuscate, plead ignorance and shut up. This prevents the bait and trap tactics of officials. For example, if a customs officer asks 'what are you going to do with these items', answer 'own them'.
    2.Just as finding rule breakers reflects well on officials, no matter how stupid the law, complaints reflect badly on them. Threatening a complaint is pretty much the only power you have.
    3.Make them look bad in front of other people, but not their colleagues. Officials stick together.

  2. ****ing hell. This is why I hate bureaucrats.
    If the government wants to save money they should shoot half of them, and not fill out any paperwork for it.
    I bet Mr Harvey had a hand in this new legislation as well...
  3. i am confused.
    why not shoot all of them
  4. I can't stand that twit. He jumped up and down and threatened to throw his toys out of the cot when online shopping was hitting it's straps.

    Five minutes later he puts HN online. Nice one. I wouldn't be surprised if you're correct, he probably had a quiet word to Juliar.
  5. Simple economics. Running a cost/benefit analysis identifies that each round of ammunition has a monetary value associated with it.

    Half of the officials (the ones not being shot) have a smaller monetary value than said rounds of ammunition - therefore are simply not worth the additional expenditure.

    Knives are better as there tends to be less noise involved so less chance of discovery - with the added benefit if being up close and personal when the last glimmer of life flicks off from their eyes and you can trash talk them throughout their final moments to gain maximum personal satisfaction.

    So, to be completely correct, the statement should be "shoot half of them and stab the rest" ... at least, I'm sure it would be if I ever put any kind of thought or planning into such an idea. (but I'm sure that would never happen :-w)
  6. Bullshit! If you were serious about the money you could charge people a good $500 to shoot one and charge them for their chosen ammunition........8-[
  7. No need to shoot them, just bypass them. Cut them off from the productive economy that they feed on and they will starve (as a group). This is what is happening in Greece. The real economy is hidden from the government so it can't be taxed. For now the Germans are paying for the public servants. Once the Germans stop paying the public servants will again become the actual servants of the productive people (maybe a few need to get shot to make this step happen).

    Note that this unproductive parasite isn't just in the goverment payroll, a fair portion of the "private" sector is just filling in forms and writting reports for the government overlords.

    ...I need a beer now, must be the right forum ;)
  8. See, this is why 2 heads are better than one.

    I'll just run off and get the posters printed up...
  9. Do we get discounts if we use ordnance?
  10. Only if you manage to score a double-frag