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wisdom tooth extraction...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. 8-[

    so, a wk ago i had a pain i have never felt before coming from a rear tooth.

    sure enough, i will need to get the offending tooth removed. for shits and giggles, it's been advised that THE OTHER 3 get yanked out as well!

    how much am i looking to fork out for this procedure?

    anyone have it done recently? go on...do your best to scare me.

    oh, and my dentist has got a pretty hawt looking blonde tech;)
  2. Your level of health insurance cover and whether or not you get it done with local anaesthetic in the chair, or whether you get it done under general anaesthetic on hospital, will vary the cost greatly.

    I had it done under GA in hospital, private health cover, I think it was $300 per tooth, plus $450 for the Anaesthetist, or something like that.
  3. I had mine out in the chair a couple of years ago in Traralgon by a visiting specialist. IIRC it was $800 for him and $140ish for the anaesthetist without any cover.
    But don’t worry if they play up or become infected you'll pay anything to get the bastards ripped out with or without anaesthetic. 3 days off work and all was good within a week. :)
    Far more painful that getting the snip 10 years ago and you cant shove a bag of peas in your gob! Must be the bloke version of child birth (I know women have wisdom teeth extracted too)
  4. Had mine out 2 weeks ago. 1 for free ( private health ) 2nd was 2hunge and change
  5. I have a wisdom tooth coming through, but my dad never had his extracted (genetically, mine should grow straight too, i hope). So providing i can keep it free of infection i should be right :)
  6. I had all four + two other out after August. Ill get the bill when I get home if you like. But let me tell you now, it wasn't cheap, nor was it pleasant. I never thought I'd get bored of eating jelly. Also, don't under any circumstances EVER eat one of those milo snack things and then go to sleep. It gives you the funkyest aftertaste you'll ever get in your life.
  7. I've been quoted about $1200 for Wisdom and the tooth in from (it's buggered) plus..
    wait for it...

    Waiiit foooor it.....

    Bone extraction

    Bloody hell, sounds extreme.

  8. Yeah, I had that. $320 for each tooth that required "cutting through the bone." $220 for the other one (I only had 3 wisdom teeth for some reason).

    Hospital for 6 hours (counts as overnight): $600

    Anaesthetist: $350, Medicare gave back around $150 I think...

    All for a 20 minute job by the dental surgeon.

    The next day, I was wearing a helmet. (y)
  9. Try and get hold of the current issue of Choice - they have a comparison of dental costs which might include Wisdom tooth extraction (maybe).

    You do realise that if the assistant is a hot blonde there is a 50% loading don't you?
  10. Hey,

    Had all 4 of mine pulled a few years back with no insurance. Was about 1800 all up, had it done in a hospital under full general anaesthetic.

    Think I had to take 2 weeks off work, all 4 'holes' got infected, even with antibiotics and mouth rinsing with salty water 8 times a day. I also lost 8 kilos.

    Good luck.
  11. I had a wisdom tooth extracted from the bone, done under general it was painless but apparently they use a hammer and chisel to remove it.
  12. yeah i didnt have insurance and mine was about 2k also

    but you can claim 20% of anything over $1500 on tax


    I didnt have any complications with my surgery but I dropped 10 - 15 kilos. I had a reaction to the codine in the medication and spent 2 days throwing up, then couldnt get my appetite back for over 2 wks.

    I had it done under general too, all i remember was the assistant talking to me before i went under
    Assistant: So what do you do for work
    Me: I work in IT
    Assistant: Oh really, yeah me too.
    Me: errrrr???? *sleep*
  13. I had all four taken out a couple of years ago in a private hospital under general, I get all my dental check ups at the HCF dental centre so I got a referral through them and ended up only paying for the anesthetist about $300 and got some back from medicare after about a 3 month wait.

    The last thing I remember before going under was them putting a warm blanket on me while in the surgery prep room.

    My wisdom teeth were nice and impacted so they needed to cut into my jaw and cut the teeth into a few pieces to extract all will the nerve very close to the root.

    Face swelled up like a mofo and could only eat jelly, ice cream and soup for a week. Had the surgery on the saturday and went back to work on the Tuesday.
  14. Bloody glad I never grew them
  15. That one's just begging for a comment.....nah, I'll be good.
  16. Had mine taken out a few years ago now. No private health, GA in a private hospital, $2k all up including anesthetist.

    I go spastic at dentists, I can't stand them, and literally have to fight off vomiting/passing out when i'm in one, so there really wasn't any other option other than going under.

    Was out of hospital within a couple of hours, had no bruising at all, VERY minimal swelling, and was eating the noodles from a noodle box that night.

    A couple of days later was my ex's birthday with a lunch or dinner already planned so I downed a panadeine fort, and two nurofen plus's and I had no trouble eating veal :p....i DID however promptly throw it back up again when I got home. It was nice while it lasted in my belly :p

    My sister had hers out in the dentist chair not long after and had a LOT of pain.

    Dave had his out last year, or the year before, can't remember now....and he had no issue. Bit of bruising and swelling, but nothing major.

    I hyperventilate when I go anywhere near a dentist, he asks to keep all the tooth fragments because it's 'cool'. But you know...he's weird like that ;)
  17. quite similar to you peeahh, no bruising and almost zero swelling, just tiny bit around bottom left. Didnt touch the panadeine forte, only had medium pain killers and only cause I could, Went over to friends place on the day after op and forgot to take painkillers, went the whole day free of any notable discomfort. Had a week off work coz I could, spent most of it surfing and playing footy with mates.
  18. some great info people. thanks! i'm somewhat disturbed by the weight loss that some have mentioned. up to 20kg is quite a lot!

    i am off pain meds. was popping nurofen plus every few hrs last wk. i'm on a course of antibiotics which seems to be working now. have a consultation lined up in about a wk and a half with a specialist.

    my dentist did mention impaction and cutting into the jaw...

    just hope i don't have to wait too long for the operation.
  19. You sir, have just moved several spaces down my 'people who normally have interesting comments' list. How can you say such a thing. You should be ashamed of yourself. Now, go to your room and hang your head in shame. Shame I say. Now please.
  20. No weight loss here, although you cant eat all to many solids i think jelly and ice cream more than makes up for it. Sometimes you have jelly, sometimes you have ice cream and then you have them together great times...