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Wisdom teeth removal / problems (asking peoples experiences)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by fred_kroft, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. All,

    Yesterday I had 4 wisdom teeth out. I am at home resting now. Everything is
    going well, accept that the right hand side of my tongue is still numb. I
    am a bit worried that I have nerve damage.. and will have trouble forming

    I was wondering if anybody has had their tongue nerves damaged during
    wisdom tooth removal and how long it took you to recover ?

    It was a simple operation, but turned into a clusterf***k according to the
    dentist. It was one of those things I guess.


    (PS/ lawyers need not reply)
  2. I had one of my wisdom teeth removed about 2 weeks ago (along with putting an implant in), and my jaw was numb till the following evening. I'd say just leave it, and if the sensation doesn't come back in a day or two then start thinking about getting worried... Mine was apparently an "interesting" one too.
  3. I had four wisdom teeth out at once a little while ago.Mine were a nightmare, heavily impacted, they had to be cut up whilst in teh jaw to remove them.
    It is perfectly normal apparently to have soreness and numbness in certain areas of the mouth after this, they have to stretch the mouth around and move the tongue to get in there! Maybe your tongue was just clamped in one spot for a while?
    Oh yeah, get some good pain relief stuff, my dentist caled me two days after my operation to warn me that teh pain often gets worse a few days later for most people. It did! Really painful for about 4 days.
    So warning you now, get Nurofen rapid and Nurofen plus, you will live on them.
    I actualy developed an addiction for tinned spaghetti and two minute noodles when I had my teeth out.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. I was on Voltaren SR 100mg, super stuff :) 1 tablet a day kept me happy. But yes, pain killers are your friend, and typhoon is right on the money - the pain won't really hit you till a few days later.

    Tinned spag is great, as is rice porridge, custard, ice cream and jelly. And those 2 minute soup things too.

    Make sure you rinse your mouth out after every meal with salt water or Listerine or similar - the last thing you want is an infection in there!
  5. sorry to hijack the thread

    but i want to ask typhoon how long til you were back to normal after the operation?

    I'm geting all 4 of my wisdom teeth out next month, doc said all 4 of my teeth need to be fragmented up before removing 8(
  6. I had my wisdom teeth out on a friday, had the weekend at home and went back to work Monday. I really shouldn't have been at work, but I had to be there!
    I would budget 3 days off once teh pain really sets in. I was miserable, but work took my mind off it.
    It was well worth it though, no more mild annoying tooth pain, fishing food out of teeth etc!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. I tried removing one of mine myself with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver for leverage, ended up breaking alot more of the tooth off before going to the dentist a week later from the pain of my handyman skills (I hate dentists + needles)

    The dentist pulled it straight away (sometimes public hospitals are fast i guess lol) reckoned I woulda got it out except it had a really long root on it.

    I had feeling back in my gums the next day after having it pulled, and managed just using panamax from then on for a couple days.

    Sounds like I got lucky the pain was never really a issue later on
  8. thanks andrew

    ouch that sounds nasty prawns
  9. My sister got hers out and her tongue was half-numb for years afterwards. I think she's got most of the feeling back on that side, or she's gotten used to it. Seems like the usual reaction is for feeling to return.

    She got hers hacked out by a dentist in a chair. I heard her story and got mine done by a dental surgeon and under general anaesthesia. I didn't swell much at all and looked normal within 4 days. Pain was there, but not terrible. I was on normal Panadol by the third day. :)

    Good luck!
  10. Damn I got lucky.

    No swelling or bruising. Numbness left by the next day. My sister hated me for that.

    Mine was done under both a local and a general anasthetic at a day surgery.
  11. Thanks Lorien for feedback. Basically that was my scenerio. I had mine
    removed in a chair under normal anesthetic. Going by the x-rays the
    dentist said it would be a simple op, so I opted for a local.

    I hope that this was all worth it. For years, 2 different dentists have been
    nagging me to have them out. At the moment, I need a filling done on one
    of my teeth, but require my wisdom teeth to be removed first. So, finally I

    The thing is though, they tell me I have rotting wisdom teeth. .. but they have
    never given me trouble (I'm now 35). I have been nagged about this for over
    10 years.

    To go from wisdom teeth that ached rarely to a speech problem, was it all worth
    it ?

    I think dentists should stand back from a problem (as like what happens
    in many other professions). If the balancer seal on your bike is leaking oil,
    it is seldom worth "spliting the cases" to fix the fault (as that can cause
    more problems).

    Anyway, I've got the dentist checkup appointment on Monday. When the
    swelling has gone down, we'll assess the sitution.

    As for the pain, most of my pain occurred within the first 24 hours after
    the op. The pain more or less has gone now.

  12. Yup had 4 wisdom teeth removed at once, day surgery under general. Doc only gave me bloody panadeine forte, wtf? I was home for about a week eating through a fricken straw!! Scheduled it during uni break so not so bad, didn't get to show off my god father impersonation.
  13. that is what I have. Blooody good stuff I reckon.
    Mind you, I have a high pain threshold for a bloke.

  14. i had 2 out at UDS in Surry Hills, and FMD it was the worst pain i have ever endured.
    call me a wimp or whatever but OUCH.
    i drove to bomaderry, trained to surry hills, had them whipped out and trained it back to bomaderry then drove home.
    my face swelled up like i had a tennisball in either cheek, i could not talk for 4 days nor could i eat.
    it took close to 6 weeks for then swelling to completely go away, but only really a week for the pain to become bareable.
    nurofen is your friend.
    the amount of swelling/bruising depends on how much they actually have to dig around to get the little buggers out. they said mine were badly impacted and had to remove a fair portion of jawbone to extract them.

    my experience was the worst i have had, i have had 2 kids (which didnt hurt a bit :p) and that is nothing compared to getting my wisdom teeth out :LOL:
  15. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Been there, done that and it was nasty.
    I insisted on having a local only and stayed awake as he pounded a small chissel into my tooth, it felt like my jaw was going to explode.

    I could understand why there was so much swelling that took all of a week to start subsiding.
    It only took him 5 minutes and I was in recovery.
    Odly enough he had a career change a year later and studied law, from one bastard job to another.
  16. Fred, give it four weeks and you'll definitely think it was worth it. My teeth were rotting, and it got rid of that occasional sore throat/ foul breath thing! If you have absyssed/rotting teeth, you'll know what I mean!
    I also realised that I'd been putting up with a mild form of toothache for many years, it had been getting worse very slowly and I hand't noticed it.
    Another bonus is that there is now no pressure from the wisdom teeth forcing the rest of my teeth together, so less pain there, teeth have straightened back out and less overall pain in general.
    I was like you and waited many years to get my wisdom teeth out (had them pulled last year at 35). I put my teeth off because I had not been to a dentist since I was a teen (yes, my teeth were perfect, Oral B electric toothbrush and religious teeth cleaning) and finally plucked up the courage to go to a dentist and book in to get it done. I didn't need a dentist to tell me they had to come out. The reason I hadn't been to a dentist was the pain they caused me when I was younger, I had braces for 3 years.
    I do not regret it at all, and it was very definitely worth having done.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. typhoon: that's awful.

    I got an infection where my bottom wisdom teeth were coming through, which, I was told, was not gum at all. They grew so far back that they were actually growing in soft throat tissue. I hated the thought of getting them out, but I was told it was have them removed or keep getting infections. :?
  18. mine at the moment are ok i hope , dentis dosent bother me really , but if i were to get them out i would rather be knocked out , i just hope they woulden need to take out my oral piercings
  19. Re: Wisdom teeth removal / problems (asking peoples experien


    ooohh go and get yoursef to a doctor and get some serious pain relief... I'm thinking tramal or even codine phosphate as you are going to hurt...

    on that not Good luck :wink:
  20. Hi Andrew

    Thanks for the feedback ;). I'm a bit more reasured now.