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Wisdom teeth advice

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Churro Monster, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Hi all, tommorrow, Im having my wisdoms out. Theyre not exposed, so the surgeon has to do the cut and pull stuff. BLAH. Now, who has had this done lately and how did you pull up afterwards? I have been told to have a week off work, but I bet Im not that bad. My hubby had his out 5 years ago and he didnt have one mark or bruise on his face and he was fine.

  2. Were your hubbys wisdom teeth exposed? I haven't had it done, but I know lots who have and it depends on your teeth, specifically how deep the root is. Best to er on the side of side of caution and book a few days off, but say that you may be back earlier if you are able.
  3. I had mine out Friday and was at work the following Monday, (But i am a fast healer)
    The key is to not play with the wounds with your tong no matter how irritating they are. This causes the wound to heal closer to the nerve endings (Dry socket) and it causes it to hurt like hell.
    if it heals over naturally there is more padding, and the pain goes away faster

    Get ready to have a weekend of bad sleep.
  4. I had mine all mine out at 17, they were impacted. Growing all over the place, and not yet exposed.

    That night i was normal, only ate soft food and could talk as good as gold :p
    I was knocked out for the whole thing, had it done as day surgery.
    My face wasn't sore as i had drugs for that, i just wanted to brush my teeth but couldn't.
    I did have the backs of my teeth filed a little so that they could get the right angle, to be able to remove them.

    You face will be swollen, but it varies person to person.
    I did have bruises on my face and chest, where they had to sit on me to get them out.

    It's easier and safer to have it done then it ever was.
  5. Well, not sounding too bad yet. might be able to get a helmet on and ride to Cleos for coffee ( through a straw) :shock: on Sat night. :LOL:
  6. I had one out 10 years ago with no problems at all (it was exposed).

    Last year I got knocked out spectating at inline hockey and had to have two teeth (they were broken) plus a wisdom out that was impacted. They ended up cutting the gum and pulling them, which was very quick, but I was very sore and swollen for a couple of days.

    It just depends on where the tooth is situated I guess and how hard/easy it is to extract.

    I hope all goes easily for you.

    As was said previously, try not to poke around at it with your tongue (hard not too :? ) and try to avoid going out in chilly air.
  7. You Do NOT Want to be on a bike. Either the drugs or the pain will make it imposible to concentrate.
  8. Back of the bike I meant ;)
  9. Apparently getting your wisdom teeth out is coool, if your in the supermodel fashion industry !

    Top male models get take them out for cosmetic reasons to get that latino chiselled jaw look. :grin:

    Are you going to be knocked out when its removed or on the chair ?
    I got all four taken out about 12years ago.

    . . . . it hadn't got me any model contracts though ! :p
  10. You should be good kate, it will all depend on how they are on the day. I had mine out 7 years ago, the left side were bad and i could not eat for a few days but when i had the right side out a month later, i was eating steak the next day.......

    See you at cleo's!!!!
  11. I had mine done around a year ago. I had the week booked off work but probably didn't need it. No real pain or anything for me afterwards, even on the day it was done was little more than a dull ache if I tried to eat/drink anything. Never took the heavy-duty painkillers they prescribed, in fact a pair of nurofen tablets around 2hrs after surgery was the only thing I took at all.

    just don't skimp on the mouthwash part, and continue for a week afterwards too! that does more for you than anything else, in my opinion.
  12. Ooooh, wisdom teeth coming out. I'm doing the sharp intake of air here, and shaking my head. :eek: Could be bad, Kate. :shock: Could be bad!

    Mind you, it might not be all that bad either. :)

    I had all four out one day, three were exposed, the one that wasn't, when the little dental man pulled it out (with much pushing and pulling over me and the chair!), my palate split right across. So it all had to be stitched up and that was quite painful over the next 4-5 days. In fact, verrry painful. Errrgh. :cry:

    But if everything goes alright on the day and you're pumped up with drugs! then you'll be fine. :wink:

    Ha ha.
  13. mmmmmmmmmm drugs.....
  14. i wont share my drugs....... sorry kate!! well maybe the yummo sleeping ones!!!
  15. I had to have a cyst removed from my jaw early in Feb this year. To get to it they had to extract two of my back teeth. Was all stitched up and was expecting to be off work for a week too... It was a horrific experience while in the chair (that scraping of bone is something you soon don't forget), had pain killers for the first 24 hours then was fine. Was back @ work in 3 days. My bike helmet was a tight fit with the swelling, but with care was still able to get it on and off without too much pain.
    Hope all goes well...
  16. Im having a general , so I dont have to worry about listening to scraping sounds. Thank God. Youve all been very helpful. I love Netrider.
  17. took my baby for a wisdom tooth extraction... damn it was so smooth and painless... yep as smooth as gravel rash at 100kph... The wisdom tooth was compacted/recessed, three roots and locked to the jaw. The gum had to be cut down to well below the tooth, and the tooth was excised in two peices and there still a thir bit in there some where...

    the hack-job was topped off by the fact that due to the wack job dentist poor grasp of how bad it was led to it getting infected, dry socketed. He didnt give us any painkillers and or antibiotics. So the first night was hell on earth.... at 3am I drove my baby to the emergency to be told it was a dental not a health issue... an a four hour wait!!! So I polietly told the triage nurse thankyou for your help with this nightmare and in future could you please ram you service somewhere..

    So I went and borrowed some Panadine forte's 30mg from my brother at 4:50am. The next day I took her to my doctor who diagnosed the infection and started her on tramal and 1000mg of amomocillen.... I went back to the dentist. Demanded MY baby's records and took them to my dentist, who was so so sympathetic and wrote a refferal to a surgen for the dammage... oh by the way salt rinse dont work use watered down detol and or proper maouth wash... you breath if infected will smell like rotting corpses and bile, you wont know and its all too tasty for your partner..

  18. i rode my bike back to work from the dentists after having mine yanked, nowhere near as traumatic as some people led me to beleive.

    but i'm sure that wisdoms that havn't yet popped out might be a wee bit more troublesome :?
  19. Wisdom teeth extraction varies alot as described by other members here. The amount of post operative trauma is directly proportional to the difficulty and your health.

    Exposed teeth extracted in a healthy person will have minimal swelling and heal within 2-3 days. If the teeth are within bone(impacted), the gum will be folded back and a certain amount of bone removed to facilitate removal of the tooth. In general expect swelling to max out on the 3-4th day and subside after that....so roughly a week.

    Post operative care is very important. Do not smoke as this will dry out the blood clot and leave you with a dry socket -very painful. Painkillers are great, take as needed, and antibiotics as well. You may be given non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as neurofen, this will help minimise swelling.

    Warm salt water mouthrinses are great because they keep the area clean. If it becomes infected its going to smell even if you use listerine.

    A simple way to find out if the surgeon is any good and not a cowboy is that he should go through all complications with you. This just shows that he's thorough. eg infection, swelling, bleeding, nerve damage, post op care etc.

    If your getting it done by a specialist oral surgeon or maxillofacial surgeon have no worries as these guys are extremely skilled at what they do. These are the guys who do facial reconstructions when someone has an accident with an open face helmet!

    Best of luck you'll be fine.
  20. Curtaingirl, good luck with it. I don't have any wisdom teeth, but I have had other impacted teeth taken out under a general. I felt fine when I woke up from the general, but the next day I was out for the count and slept and slept and I was 32 then (younger and fitter). I followed the Surgeon's advice to the letter, salt water rinses took the antibiotics and everything was fine. If you smoke, stop as has been said. Also my Surgeon said NO ALCOHOL for a week either, as this too can lead to dry socket and also alcohol impedes the antibiotics and in some cases reacts with them. Good luck with it all.