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Wiring up LED tail light - Doesn't work!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jayesse, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just fitted up an aftermarket LED tail light this afternoon...wired it up, put the ignition on and......................NOTHING.

    Played around with hte wiring and still nothing.

    Tested the wires as close to the actual unit as possible and it's getting power, but just no action from the LEDs themselves.

    Now it's not rocket science. There are only 3 wires: Earth; Ignition; and Brake so you shouldn't need to be an Einstein to get it working.

    Any thoughts before I go chasing a new unit?
  2. You haven't go the LED in backwards (reversed polarity)?

    Checked the leads to what you're plugging into are doing what you expect it to do?
  3. Nope tried absolutely every combo with the wires....

  4. Is there a resistor in line? Most LED globes work of a maximum of about 4 volts.
  5. +1. Your standard lights would be 12V - so depending on the setup of the LEDs, an additional resistor might be required.
  6. +2

    LEDs can experience fast blinking or none at all as symptoms of needing the correct resistor inline.
  7. agree with mekros. when i installed my LEDS, i had the same problem... but i knew enough about LEDS to do exactly that (swap the bulbs around). A LED is a diode, meaning current can only travel one way.
  8. this may be the case, but i wouldnt generalise the 4V thing with LED globes. The ones i bought were 12V bulbs.

    i'd still check the polarity first (and while your at it, check its power consumption to ensure it's expecting to be hit with 12V) since this is the easiest thing to do...
  9. Can you "test" your indicators out of that circuit. Get a 12 volt supply and hook it up directly to them, that way the indicators will light up and you know that it works and they are not the problem.
  10. a Light Emitting Diode to be exact.
  11. I wasn't referring to the indicators.....they are still going mental until I sort out the relay for them (inline resistors aren't enough)

    All resolved with the tail light though...spoke with the supplier and traced it back to a problem inside the housing of the unit.

    Thanks for the quick replies guys.