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Wiring Loom(?) black tape

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by raging, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Evening all,

    I went to change the gear position sensor on the street triple tonight. The replacement part has a different plug, but the part came with an extra cable to handle this.

    To fit the new cable, I need to remove the black tape that bundles the old cable with the existing wires.

    Once I'm done, what type of tape do I use to re tape it up? Is it standard black electrical tape or something different? I noticed super cheap had pvc tape, is that it?


  2. Yes, black electrical tape. NOT from super cheap - they sell crap. You need a decent brand - try an electrical wholesaler. You might buy a decent quality tape from a hardware store, however I doubt it.

    Cheap tape will not hold the adhesive and will come off.
  3. Jaycars Nitto brand tape is ok
  4. Best bet head to your nearest elec wholesaler
  5. Self amalgamating tape had done the trick for me in the past.
  6. Is heat shrink tape any good? I need to do something similar, so curious what people think.
  7. IMHO heat shrink tape is better than straight adhesive tape. Adhesive tape will eventually let go, and even if it doesn't, will ooze sticky shit in hot weather, whereas heatshrink is what the OEM would have used.
  8. I dont know, even more confused.

    after reading this and other googling, I've read
    - pvc tape
    - non adhesive pvc tape
    - self amalgamating tape
    - liquid tape
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  10. @shidoran Yeah, that stuff looks the goods, i wonder where to buy local though ?
  11. Raging and Shido,
    there are many different types of tapes available as you've seen.
    Each type has many uses but most of them do have specific purposes.

    To re-wrap wiring looms there is a specific tape.
    Compared to the standard (and preferred by many) Nitto electrical tape it is much thinner and therefore also more flexible on when you are creating the loom. It also has a little less adhesive on the tape surface so as it heats it won't leach adhesive like most electrical tapes will.
    Heat shrink or self-amalging tapes are great for for finishing off the ends of a loom, but can become very stiff and thick if you cover the whole loom. I'd generally not use heat shrink if it you need to cover something longer than 5 cm.

    Many Auto Electrical suppliers will sell loom tape. I know JD's in Bayswater certainly do.

    Good luck.
  12. Buy some Coroplast off ebay. If you use electrical tape it will self-peel-off when it gets hot and leave goo behind.
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    Supershit didn't have any, electrical wholesalers I went to were out of stock (didn't sell very often) and the local suzuki/honda dealer was like "wtf are you talking about, there's a different tape to electrical tape?"

    ebay is a winner methinks. But bunnings does have nitto tape...
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  15. Gaffer tape....

    Also, don't think anyone was worried about the cost of the tape when they recommended particular types, think it was more about what they thought right for your bike....

    But go ahead...
  16. Yeh I wasn't suggesting any one else was (or should have been) considering cost. I'm just sharing what I found, especially if I can get something that works for 10c/m when jcar want $2/m in comparison.
  17. Shido, where in Melb are you ?
    I should have some loom tape. PM me if you want some.
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  18. So I went to my Auto Elec. Wholesaler today and they've now got 2 different types of loom tapes, both available in 2 sizes.
    The plain electrical tape style, and a new felt type which is used in the interior looms of many modern vehicles.
    The downside - they only sell it in pack lots which is normally 10 rolls.

    The plain tape type was available in 18mm which is most commonly used for looms with many junctions or bends, and 30mm which is easier to use on long or straight looms.
    It is relatively cheap though.
    The 18mm tape sold for $15 per pack of 30m rolls.

    They were happy to tell me which local Auto Elec's they've supplied so I can go to them for single rolls.
  19. To add my $0.02, Nitto electrical tape (a Japanese brand which has been around since before my dad started an an electrical apprentice *gestures over his shoulder to indicate way back when*), which can be bought in 1 or 10-packs at Bunnings, has always been a really good option. It's also the most flexible of the electrical tapes.

    Other electrical tapes (as mentioned) will go sticky and melty and yuck (and for this reason some AV/staging equipment companies will charge you to clean their cables if you use anything *but* Nitto).

    The trick with electrical tape is to not treat it like tape. It doesn't stick directly, and needs to have tension to hold onto itself. As mentioned, start at one end, wrap directly on itself in a ring (100% overlap) twice to start the section, overlap at 50% and then finish by wrapping on itself in a ring (100% overlap) twice to finish. Keep the tape fairly tight, and when finishing, stretch it slightly when doing the final wrap, and cut with scissors for that pro-touch.

    Other pro-tips include making sure the wiring is clean and not oily or dirty - tape hates that stuff. Bit of metho on a rag should take care of most of your issues, unless it's oil.
  20. Oh, and depending on the self-amalgamating tape/heatshrink tape, you may have to cut it off with pliers or a knife (both neither easy nor fun). Not recommended.

    Only radio amateurs and tv antenna installers use self-amalgamating tape, and only to coat the antenna end of the cable.